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Building your home – 6 vase and ceramics brands you need to know about


Having just moved into my own little apartment after nearly a decade of living away, I've been humbled once again in starting over and the joys of slowly building a home. Years and years of searching and collecting, here I wrap up my favourites in ceramics - minimal or loud, whatever your taste beckons, for anyone looking to compliment their home.



Carelius Ceramics

Courtesy of Carelius Ceramics


Danish ceramics Carelius Ceramics was a golden find, their vessels being my latest obsession. In all its raw and inhibited beauty, Carelius Ceramics transports me to a quieter place and will definitely be making its way into my home.



NR Ceramics

NR Ceramics
Courtesy of NR Ceramics


Right now my favourite is NR Ceramics by Korean ceramist Lee Nuri. Polished, sculptural and so elegant, these pieces are ones you collect and keep forever. No matter your decor or if you like to change with the seasons, NR Ceramics are just the ones that can be picked up and placed wherever and whenever.



Tina Vlassopulos

Tina Vlassopulos

Courtesy of Tina Vlassopulos


Let me introduce you to, who I consider more an artist before anything else, the most amazing work by Tina Vlassopulos. Sculptured, carved, curled and hooped, Tina Vlassopulos is a ceramist working out of the UK. Pieces that are made to not only purify your home but perhaps define it, Tina's selected works are ones to behold, love and remember, investments to landmark time.



LP Granola

LP Granola

Courtesy of LP Granola


Now this is for someone who is in favour of a more acquired taste and love something that is bolder than the usual. I'm so happy to introduce to you the magic that is LP Granola. Designed and handmade by fashion designer turned potter - LP Granola's functional vessels are all individually glazed with different motifs making each one so unique and one of kind. Honestly, the perfect accomplice to any home whether used as for coffee or to catch your keys, LP Granola is really the one.



Ginny Sims Ceramics

Ginny Sims

Courtesy of Ginny Sims


I absolutely adore Ginny Sims ceramics. To encourage my fantasy of living off grid in a quaint country home, this is where Ginny Sims homewares enters. Coming out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, working mum, artist and ceramics and art history teacher Ginny Sims creates pieces with a personal touch, nothing perfect but all perfect in their imperfections. Hand painted mugs, bowls and candlesticks, Ginny Sims offers a warm human touch to any new or old home.



Elliot Camarra


Courtesy of Elliot Camara


One afternoon I tumbled into one of my favourite New York haunts, Oroboro and found a small marbled dish from Morocco. Since then, I've been obsessed with organically marbled objects and my obsession with New York based artist and ceramist Elliot Camarra began. Big bulbed vessels, hand painted and marbled in swirls and curves, quaint but also quite a statement reminiscent of perhaps another era - Elliot Camarra is another that joins the list.


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