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Twitter is spiralling at Rihanna’s pregnancy news, as are we

Rihanna pregnancy

If you've been on the internet today, you'll know that Rihanna, queen of our hearts and basically everything else, is pregnant with A$AP Rocky's baby. Finally, 2022 is coming right.

In snowy images captured in Harlem, NYC by Miles Diggs, the couple posed in paparazzi meets pregnancy photos with Rihanna's new bump poking out of a quilted archive Chanel coat with a Christian Lacroix cross necklace draped over her stomach in very Madonna-esque fashion. Hoping she has some Hot Hands tucked down the waistband of those tripping-hazard pair of jeans, considering the temperature in NYC right now. I digress! Naturally, the internet has been going absolutely bezerk over the news.


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Simply, how could we not? At RUSSH we are not reporters of celebrity pregnancies or engagements (we didn't even cover patron saint Chlöe Sevigny's highly chic baby until he arrived), but as the first good news of the year (our condolences to Drake) – and a new contender for coolest baby ever – we have been left with no choice.

Friends since 2012 and dating since last year (who could forget their last-to-arrive Met Gala looks that had us in a chokehold), it seems the couple are both quite aware of how cool their foetus already is, with A$AP sharing with GQ in an interview that Rihanna is the love of his life, adding, "I think I'd be an incredible, remarkably overall amazing dad. I would have a very fly child. Very." And considering his baby mama is none other than the woman who is singlehandedly going to make pregnancy trending, we'd be inclined to agree.

If you too are as gripped by the news as we are, below are our favourite moments about the forthcoming beautiful, fashionable child from a very spiralling internet. Enjoy it all.







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