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Q Marsden is just getting started

Q Marsden

Q Marsden, otherwise known as 'Q', is undoubtedly one of the most unsearchable names in music. Not a nickname, just his name, it doesn't matter if you're unsearchable when your sound is this distinct at 21 years of age.

Recording music since he was five, Q, raised by musician parents, has the sound of soulful RnB in a post Blonde world, where sentimentality, vulnerability, and unique talent come together to create music that is truly memorable.

Having just released a deluxe version of his debut EP, The Shave Experiment, Q is just getting started. Signed to Columbia records, and releasing music that is both self-assured and vulnerable, The Shave Experiment makes room for funk and intimacy all at once. We caught up with Q to talk about his creative process, his biggest fear (involving the NYC subway), and what's next for the musician.

Can you talk to us about The Shave Experiment?

The Shave Experiment is really just the different phases of my life these past few months. Shaving off old habits and realising certain things.


You grew up in a musical family. Were you musically driven from an early age?

Yes, I have always been musically driven from an early age. Both of my parents were in the music field so I just loved it since I was a child.


What’s your creative process like? Where does a song start?

A song starts with drums for me. I love starting with drums because I am able to set the tone of what I want everything else to be. Then I start playing around with melodies and guitar or synth. The Melody has to say what I want to say before we get into the vocal aspect. After that, I just start recording lyrics. Im not the writing type, I usually just hit record and start going with it.


What’s the best part of the process?

When the production is already telling the story.


Can you talk to us about If You Care?

Yes, If You Care just popped up one day. I made the drums on my iPhone via Garage band, then I just played the bass and guitar. But the song is about a person coming closer, whether that’s just being with the person or taking care of. Also in the need of closure, the person is wanting that from this significant other.


The EP feels very reflective. Is it cathartic to put music that touches on personal issues?

At times it is, at times it isn’t. Sometimes I may feel it months after or even a year.


I read that you also make visual art. Does this function as an extension of your musical practice or is it separate?

I practice it separate but I will be combining the two in due time.


How have you been staying inspired this year?

Yes I have, God has been providing.


What are you afraid of?

Falling down the stairs in the NY Subway lol.


What are you excited about?

New Music!!!!

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