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Lil Nas X is really doing that

lil nas x industry baby

Mere days after Lil Nas X made a Tik Tok claiming, "When you have court on Monday over satan shoes and might go to jail but your label tells you to keep making Tik Toks",  releasing a trailer for his new music video, Industry Baby, where, you guessed it! He sends himself to jail, the rapper has released his new single and god, is it good.

In his campaign against homophobes and haters alike, Nas X has made another incredible spoof for his upcoming single, Industry Baby, co-produced by Kanye West and Take A Daytrip where he plays every key role. The trailer, which was released mere days before the single dropped, opens with "Nike Vs. Lil Nas X, Supreme Court, July 19, 2021,” and Nas X is pictured wearing an orange jumpsuit, before a judge, based on conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, named "Judge Thomas". Nas X, as the prosecutor (and judge, defendant, incompetent lawyer, and jury member), squares up to the defendant, he exclaims that this case is “much more than shoes,” and is actually whether or not Nas’ mother knows he is gay.

The shoes in question are the Nike "satan shoes" that Nas X released earlier this year, only, Nike never had anything to do with them, and now they have filed an actual lawsuit for the customised Air Max 97s (that allegedly contained human blood), suing MSCHF for trademark infringement, claiming that the sneaker giant's customers believe that the company is promoting Satanism.

Anyhow, it seems to mean little more than creative fuel to Nas X, who in the trailer, is promptly sent to "Montero State Prison" on a five year sentence. A short snippet of the forthcoming song then kicks in.

Said forthcoming song/video, is -and I cannot stress this enough - what dreams are made of. Flash forward to three months into his sentence at Montero State Prison, Lil Nas X rules the school, weightlifting with Jason Momoa, getting twerked on in his cell, dancing choreo butt naked in a shower stall, and finally, with the help of featured artist Jack Harlow, breaking out of prison, and setting the whole lot free. It is, once again, utopia, despite the conservative controversy surrounding the video.

Watch the trailer and full music video for Industry Baby, below.


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