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Let ‘Euphoria’s’ Storm Reid take you to LA with Prada

Prada Mode

Earlier in the month of February, Prada presented its seventh iteration of Prada Mode – a travelling social club with a focus on contemporary culture through art, music, dining, and conversation – at Genghis Cohen, featuring an immersive installation by artist Martine Syms in honour of Frieze Los Angeles.

Syms, an expert at making work that combines conceptual grit, humor and social commentary, has shown extensively including solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and ICA London. For this special occasion, Prada invited friends of the house to the iconic restaurant and music venue, offering a two-day experience of fine dining and the chance to experience Syms installation, titled HelLA World. The installation, is a a text and video work equal parts live performance, narrative exposition, and casual conversation with a stranger.

Tapping into the metaverse, guests are encouraged to contribute messages, gossip, status updates, and musings to the ticker-tape style monitor. The piece makes a commentary on communication through technology and the revelations that come with it. The text provides the backdrop for the experience, suggesting both the banality and the frisson of texting with a stranger, offering fodder for conversations taking place live in the space, and complementing the immersive underground environment the artist establishes for Prada Mode.

Prada Mode Los Angeles welcomed members’ access to the restaurant at any time over the course of the two-day members-club event to view the site-specific installation, attend talks, performances and culinary revelations. Amongst the brands friends of the House, Storm Reid takes us along on her trip to Prada Mode, where the Euphoria star talks growing up in LA, balancing school and work, and the beauty of initiatives like Prada Mode.

Watch the full video with Storm Reid at Prada Mode in Los Angeles, below.

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Image: @stormreid