Here is your guide to every important retrograde happening in 2022

planets retrograde 2022

Yes, it's that dreaded word we all love to hate. Retrograde. With 2022 starting off on a bit of a rocky astrological footing it's no surprise we are ready to bury our heads under our pillows and call it a day. Alas, retrogrades are not all bad and while we aren't free of them any year, we have a number of them to plan for this year in particular. Fear not, there is a useful way of utilising the energy and preparing for the brunt of it. While we can't lie, there will be a few bumps in general this year will bring about calmer waters. Here you can find our list of all the retrogrades to pay attention to in the coming year.

Venus Retrograde

Lucky us! The year started off firmly planted in the grips of a Venus retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. The reversal of energy which begun from December 19 will be gracing us all the month of January where it stations direct on January 29. As Venus looks after all that is comfortable and pleasurable to our senses and tangible assets you can expect some reflection in the realm of love and money. Saturn rules Capricorn and is our stern teacher, so here we can expect some increased self esteem hits in matters of the heart. Of course, it's not all bad news with a Venus retrograde in a sturdy hard working earth sign, this could see you making amends with partners from the past. Giving us the opportunity for a do-over in partnership and to go deeper.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury plans to bless us with going backwards four times in 2022. Of course this means all those lovely things like communication issues, technological difficulties and travel halts. When Mercury goes retrograde, consider this the perfect time to bite your tongue and avoid spitting out any unnecessary words that can't be taken back. It's within these times that communications run the risk of being misconstrued. Avoid any major new electronic purchases and by all means back-up any and all essential information.

January 14 - February 3

This first backspin of the year will happen between Capricorn and Aquarius. As this will be in the middle of Venus retrograde in the same sign, expect some communication issues in your love life or surrounding money.

May 10 - June 3

The second retrograde will take place in the signs of Gemini and Taurus respectively. A mutable air sign to a fixed earth sign doesn't usually spell the most comfortable retrograde. Here you may feel less inclined to change your ways of thinking and be less flexible with new information. It's a good idea to practice some meditation outside during this time as Taurus energy is all about grounding back into nature and avoiding heady anxiety.

September 9 - October 2

The third will occur in the sign of Libra before backsliding into analytical Virgo. We will be put in positions where we must balance our communication with others and will be more prone to analysing its effects. This can be a good time to look at ways to effectively communicate in relationships and how to manage different communication styles going forward.

December 29 - January 18

The final of the four Mercurial spins will take place in the sign of Capricorn. This can be a stressful time when it comes to communications. There will be a feeling that there isn't enough time to accomplish all our goals. Take this opportunity to book in a pre Christmas appointment with your favourite masseuse.

Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde happens every two years. This fiery and action oriented planet represents our drive, passion and how we assert ourselves in general. When Mars is in retrograde we feel a depletion to our energetic resources. The vibe in general is more passive and less self directed. The Mars retrograde begins in the sign of Gemini on October 30 - January 12 2023.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter our planet of abundance and good fortune stations retrograde from July 28 - November 23. Beginning in the fiery sign of Aries, it will backslide into watery Pisces on October 28. As fabulous as Jupiter's energy is this fast moving planet can be exhausting. This is a good time to put in place some much needed down time.

Consider yourself adequately prepared for all the steep curves 2022 has to offer. In the meantime, you can look ahead to what's in store for you on the love front with our horoscopes for the year here.

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