Your Capricorn horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

capricorn horoscopes 2022

Your year begins with Venus, the sign of values, beauty, money and worth retrograding through your sign (19th December 2021 – 29th January 2022). This is a strong start to your year. Why? Because you are being called to look at the value and worth you assign to yourself and to the roles that you play out in the world. Does any of it need reframing or even a new strategy? What do you want to experience and accomplish this year? The retrograde motion gives you an insightful lens into this, because, as you well know, your sign flourishes when it has a mountain to climb, a goal to accomplish. This retrograde will check in with your goals of the year, a second viewing to ensure that they sit true with you. Venus may also be asking, have you scheduled in enough spaciousness and pleasure to simply be?

Your ruler, Saturn, continues its transit through your house of worth, value and finances looking at the foundations you have built and are building here. Is your value exclusively tied to your productivity, accomplishments and outcomes or do you feel tethered to your worthiness even on your rest days?

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipses of April, May, October and November look at your axis of individuation with the Scorpio eclipses illuminating a deep navigation of your psyche with regards to your sense of belonging to groups and communities. This is a strong time to survey if this aspect of your reality needs evolving and updating. The eclipses in Taurus fall in your house of self-
expression and fun, it’s the terrain that feels the free-form joy of existing as you. And here in Taurus, it points you towards slow living, restfulness but also tactile creativity. It’s using your hands to create beauty, whether that is a meal or a garden, beauty rituals or a regular journal entry. And it is all about creating for the joy of it – it isn’t about making something perfect, it is an energy that wants you to indulge in the simple pleasures of living. To soak up the bounty of now as you also work towards manifesting your desires into form.

Your energy can be stoic sometimes and these eclipses (and whole year really) aid you in consciously defining what you value within yourself and within your life.

Jupiter navigates your house of communication and your inner world and sanctuary this year. Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, experiential and it always searches for a higher understanding and meaning. As it moves through your house of communication, you may hear the call to get a little bit experimental in your learning, to put yourself on the frontline of experience and build out your own knowledge base. With Jupiter here, you speak from what you know, from what you have experienced. As it traverses your inner world and sanctuary, you may hear the call to wander and explore, to either visit new zones physically or through the literature and art that you bring into your world.



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