Your Pisces horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

Pisces horoscope 2022

The axis of information into meaning will be highlighted for you this year in the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses and part of this process will be to dive deep into your faith, beliefs and meaning, however that looks to you as an individual. The faith that you have and develop in yourself, and your existence is part of what tethers you here and makes you feel safe to exist. As this area is in Scorpio, there may be a regeneration taking place here. If there has been any stagnation or limitation, these eclipses will shake the dead leaves from the tree, leaving this area renewed and filled with vitality.

This accentuates the continuing transit of Saturn through your 12th house, your natural territory. Here, the lord of time and form and structure looks at what set-up you do or don’t have in place to connect you to your innate intuitive and empathic self. It’s asking, how do you connect into, ground, and translate your intel? Your sign is the daydreamer, but it goes much deeper than that. Your daydreams and night dreams and emotional knowing’s, they are your visioning capacity.

Your ruling planet, Neptune, rules everything beyond time and space and this zone can communicate to you via the emotional realms, chills and goosebumps, spidey senses at the back of your head or emoting without being sad. So, what are the rituals and practices that connect you into this deep doorway within you? How do you replenish your energies? How do you stay connected to yourself when your energy can so easily be a psychic sponge around others? Saturn is looking at the structures you have in place here to aid you. Think of Saturn as the spine, here it is looking to support you, to create natural boundaries so it is easier for you to access your own emotions and energy and abundant gifts.

Jupiter, the seeker archetype, moves into your sign right at the end of 2021 until the middle of the year and again from late October until late December. Jupiter in Pisces is direct experience. Again, there is a pattern here. Jupiter rules the territory of meaning, faith and higher understanding. Here in your sign, you have opportunities and energy to be more experimental and playful in this area and to get curious around the manifold ways that our species has applied meaning to existence throughout time and space. Try out new ideas, new meditations, new territories. What resonates and what doesn’t?

Your sign is transpersonal, it represents collective emotion and as a Pisces you likely learnt to feel or even absorb the emotions and energies of those around you. How is that working for you now, as an adult? The more you can attune to you and be embodied, the more you can access your vast inner resources of creativity and magic.


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