The February Full Moon in Leo wants you to put yourself first

Full moon in leo

Last month’s Full Moon occurred in watery Cancer during conservative Capricorn season. Being ruled by the emotional Crab, this was a maximal lunation with tears likely streaking cheeks, especially because, if you will recall, we were also in the midst of a love-on-the-rocks Venus retrograde then.

What time is the Full Moon in Leo?

This upcoming Full Moon in the wee hours of February 17th (3:56am AEDT to be exact), has a much different valence. It will occur in fiery and fun Leo, ruled by the Sun. If last month’s Full Moon was all about Cancerian watering and nurturing, this one should be more fire, play, fun, hijinks, sunbathing, celebration, and sun worship.

How to make the most of your Leo Full Moon this Aquarius season.

First off, become more Leo, if only for the lunation. The Lion is a royal, regal, big, fun, dramatic, loud, and self-centred sign. This energy is diametrically opposed to Aquarius season, which is colder, Saturn-ruled, more restricted, and more focused on collectivities and group dynamics. Think of this transit, then, as a moment to be more “me-oriented” and theatrical. See or do something dramatic that evening. Go somewhere loud so you yourself can be louder.

Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, this Full Moon will also be solar powered. Go to the beach during the day and/or someplace incandescent at night. Heat, warmth, glow, radiance, shine–these are all keywords to keep in mind for this Moon. In Tarot the card associated with Leo is, of course, the Sun, which gives us vitality. Take extra advantage of solar power on this transit for maximum good grace.

Another angle to consider when it comes to this lunation is that of astro-physiology. Leo rules over the back. Do some yoga to enliven Leo energy this Full Moon. Or: book in some spa time for a massage. Relaxing and stretching, like a cat, will align your spine with the cosmic chiropractor. The Full Moon is also a time to release pent up emotional energy, so have a friend to call if you need support, that is, someone who will have your back, in a figurative sense.

Leo also governs over the heart. Cardio to boost blood flow will please the Sun-Cat and brighten your lunation. But we shouldn’t think about the heart in a strictly physical sense. Express love for your pride this Full Moon. The Big Cat may want to be the centre of attention, but it also relishes having its loved ones near. Reaching out or spending time with those closest to you will help boost the sacred heart in ways more profound than riding on your Peloton bike.

A final way to approach the Leo Full Moon: be aware of some other concurrent transits and work with them, too. The cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, are kissing in the sky on the same day as this Leo lunation. If your Valentine’s Day wasn’t one of romance, satin negligees slowly dropping to the floor, chocolates, roses, and/or romantic comedies penned by Nora Ephron, perhaps it’s because a more auspicious date for dating is the 17th (when the fire and passion of Mars, Venus, and Leo intertwine). Our calendars are but crude approximations of cosmic Holidays. Because Full Moons signify culminations, this re-worked Valentine’s day could be a great moment for a long awaited romantic climax. Suggest another date or a first one on this day.

Moon transits are as brief as a garland on a girl. Because of this, some astrologers pay little attention to them. But for anyone who has read “The Hobbit” and “Lord of The Rings” we know that even in these infinitesimally slender cosmic moments, moonlight can illuminate keyholes that open doorways to treasures that could sustain us forever. Therefore, attune thyself to the Leo Full Moon, and all Moons, in all their phases, for treasures internal and external.

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Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash