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Pedro Pascal’s queer western ‘Strange Way of Life’ is set to premiere at Cannes Film Festival

Pedro Almodovar 'Strange Way of Life'

There are few things in this world that get us as riled up as Pedro Almodóvar, Pedro Pascal, Brokeback Mountain, and Saint Laurent. So the news that all four are sort of coming together to create a film is mostly beyond what our pea brains can comprehend. Alas! It is happening.

It was the year 2020 when director Pedro Almodóvar released his first short film in the English language, and now the Spanish filmmaker is returning for a sexy short titled Strange Way of Life and billing it as his own personal answer to Brokeback Mountain after declining to direct it years ago in 2004/5, and leaving Ang Lee to receive all those Oscars. Oh well, Pedro.

The plot

The title, Strange Way of Life, is reportedly derived from a “very sad” Portuguese fado song by Amalia Rodrigues. The film will be a 30 minute short, in which a duo of middle-aged gunslingers who haven't seen each other in 25 years (bless). After one travels through the desert to find his long lost "friend", there will reportedly be some kind of "showdown".  Code for some homoerotic happenings, perhaps? Almodóvar insists that you'll have to wait and see.


The cast

The Northman's Ethan Hawke and The Last of Us' Pedro Pascal are slated to play the roles of Jake, a sheriff, and a gun man named Silva, who will star alongside Spanish actors Manu Ríos and Sara Sálamo. As the absolute and semi-unexpected cherry on top, it has been confirmed that costume design and production will be done by Saint Laurent (!!).


The set

As so many classical Western films are, the film will be mostly shot in southern Spain, where Sergio Leone famously filmed The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. In case anyone was worried Almodóvar is playing copy cat, he has assured IndieWire: “I’m not consciously referencing those movies,” Almodóvar told them in an interview, adding: “I don’t know what it will be like, except that it will be mine.” We don't doubt it for a moment <3


Release date

If the rumours prove true, the short film is set to debut at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in May.


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