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Pedro Pascal is entering his fashion-daddy era

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Pedro Pascal never needed much to go viral. Charismatic, switched on, ruggedly handsome, talented and with a Puck-like quality, the Chilean-American actor is exactly the kind of person who could trigger an internet-wide thirst. For a long time the only missing link was a good stylist. I can finally report, that this is no longer the case.

Pascal is currently promoting the third season of The Mandalorian, at the same time The Last of Us is streaming on HBO, a series in which Pascal plays a people smuggler trying to survive an apocalyptic US landscape. With all eyes on Pascal, the actor has joined forces with Julie Ragolia, a stylist known for dressing other hot cis men like LaKeith Stanfield and Jake Gyllenhaal. The result is a slew of press tour outfits that has Twitter absolutely rabid.

So far, Pascal has attended premieres in everything from Acne Studios to head-to-toe Gucci, and to promote The Last of Us, he donned Prada and Saint Laurent. Given how much we love a well-dressed daddy (see: Willem Dafoe), it was only a matter of time before Pedro Pascal would end up on this list. In a way, he foreshadowed the whole thing. Back in 2022, Pascal famously told Vanity Fair that "daddy was a state of mind". He further inflamed the internet when he announced he was the internet's "cool, slutty, daddy". Personally, I'm ashamed at how easily this made me weak in the knees.

In any case, take this as further proof that a well-dressed man wields an unhealthy amount of power. If, like me, you cannot seem to shake the image of Pedro Pascal in a toffee-coloured micro knit, then keep scrolling. Below, we're documenting the style transformation of Pedro Pascal, in all its flamboyant, chaotic and hunky glory. You're welcome.


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