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Editor’s letter: Introducing our inaugural ‘RUSSH Love’ supplement

russh love resilience

"That is my feeling for you – it is deeper than anything you can do to me – that is why I know I will be with you to the end – whether you wish it or not – whether I choose it or not – whether I am close to you or not …" 

— Georgia O'Keeffe


There are many things people don’t tell you about love.

(I’m still yet to decide whether that makes it easier or not).

When you’re in it, you feel its gaping absence in all the spaces it is yet to fill. When you’re without it, it pulses like a mid-week hangover that refuses to pass.

The beauty and madness of love is that it demands all of us. It strips us down, opens us up and then tricks us into giving more. The most hallucinating and equally joyful part of it all is that we oblige.

Love is dizzying – love is all in energy. It’s happily eating iceberg lettuce instead of romaine because someone didn’t read their text messages properly. It’s taking your car to the dog beach because they just had theirs cleaned. It’s being able to pick the cologne they wore when you were 15 in a crowd of people at the supermarket deli (and still strangely wishing their t-shirts held the scent).

The most confusing thing about love is that we’ve convinced ourselves we know nothing about it. And though nobody told you what love would look like, you welcomed it without hesitation.

In our inaugural celebration of RUSSH Love, we honour this knowing. Unconditional, eternal, electric; we celebrate these declarations in all their romantic forms. It’s time for love to just live – untethered to convention, limitless. The love we show ourselves, the love we give to others, the love we are still searching for… It is here – boundless, and ready for the taking.

A commitment to forever. Whatever that means anyway.

To experience the RUSSH Love supplement in its entirety, the March edition of RUSSH, titled Resilience, is available now on newsstands and through our shop onlineFind a stockist near you.


PHOTOGRAPHY Charles Dennington @ M.A.P
FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODEL Aylah Peterson @ Kult Australia
HAIR Madison Voloshin @ Assembly Agency
MAKEUP Isabella Schimid @ Assembly Agency
LOCATION China Heights Studio and Gallery


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