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A recipe for Pasta Alla Vodka

pasta alla vodka recipe

Who knew that all it took was a celebrity to give Pasta Alla Vodka a chance, and it would become an overnight sensation? Certainly not me.

When Gigi Hadid made Pasta Alla Vodka on her Instagram, it had a similar effect to the viral feta pasta disaster that has been plaguing the internet for months, except for the fact that Pasta Alla Vodka is nowhere near as blasphemous. It's a basic, delicious dish that sees, among others, diced onions, concentrated tomato paste, and parmesan come together for a swift and comforting weeknight meal. This is how to make it.


One packet of rigatoni or orechiette

One medium onion

Four garlic cloves

115g Parmigiano-reggiano cheese

Half a tsp. of chilli flakes

Two Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

One tube of double-concentrated tomato paste

50ml vodka

¾ cup heavy cream



Bring heavily salted water to a boil. Once boiling, cook pasta according to instructions or until al dente.

Finely dice your onion and peel your garlic. Gently smash the garlic cloves with the flat side of your knife. In a heavy-based pot, heat olive oil and add in the onions and garlic and cook on medium heat until onions are soft and slightly browned. Add in chilli flakes and cook for an additional one minute.

Once your onions have softened, add in the entire tube of tomato paste and stir through the onions. Season with a pinch of salt. Continue to cook on medium-low until the tomato paste has caramelised and darkened.

Add the vodka and stir to deglaze the bottom of the pot and turn the heat to low.

Add cream to the pot in small increments and stir through until the sauce forms, once incorporated, remove from the heat.

Reserving one cup of pasta water, add your al dente pasta to the sauce pot, stirring alongside a half cup of pasta water to incorporate. Stirring over a low heat, add the cheese in increments - to let the Parmigiano melt through.

Serve with more parm, a good drizzle of olive oil, and some basil.

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