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The art of sleep – celebrating World Sleep Day

Sleep Day


Today officially marks World Sleep Day - a day organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society, in hope to raise awareness on the importance of sleep. Designed to drive education to sleeping disorders, sleep issues and better prevention and management of sleep in all our lives, World Sleep Day is a call to action to help us all take a day to reflect and make time to allow for better quality sleep.

In celebration of World Sleep Day, RUSSH rounds up the best tools, books and of course, sleepwear to inspire you to readjust what you need to allow for healthier sleep and less intimidating bed time.


Optimise Your Sleep Environment

Bed Threads

Clockwise from bottom left: Bed Threads; Noguchi; Living Libations; I Am Natural Stone; Bed Threads; Still The Mind by Alan Watts


The art of good sleep can simply come down to your environment and making sure you are set up for optimal sleep and pre-sleep relaxation. This means soft lighting, instructing your body it's time to wind down, natural bedding including the 100% Flax Linen Bedsheets by our favourite Bed Threads, and why not a robe and diffuser? Favourite essential oils include anything by Living Libations and the beautiful stone diffuser by I Am Natural Stone. The lamp? Of course, my favourite - none other than a Noguchi.



Read And Restore

Suku Home
Clockwise from bottom left: Suku Home; Badger Sleep Balm; Byron Bay Healthy Salt Co; Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson; Suku Home

A book on the science of sleep recommended by a dear yogi friend of mine and my favourite magnesium oil spray to aid magnesium depletion in my body. A highly concentrated formula that helps store magnesium to help relieve any aches, cramps or stress. Magnesium is vital for sleep as it plays a huge part in regulating our nervous systems and is most often an overlooked resource. And of course, Suku Home's tie dye long sleeve winter pyjamas to keep us well warm throughout the cooler months.



Taking Time For Yourself

In Bed

Clockwise from bottom left: Headspace; The Beauty Chef; In Bed; In Bed; Aesop


Better sleep usually comes with a sound mind, which is why sleep is most often linked with how much time you take to better care for regulating your nervous system. Meditation and breathing techniques are a great place to start and being an avid meditator myself - I highly recommend meditation apps such as Headspace, Insight Timer or Opo. Along with some of our other sleep favourites include In Bed linen bed wear, Sleep by The Beauty Chef (it all starts within) and Aesop's Anouk Oil Burner Blend to help calm you before bed with the scent of Ylang Ylang and Lemon Rind.



It's Okay To Slow Down

Jasmine And Will

Clockwise from bottom left: Glo Yoga; The Calmm; Jasmine And Will; The Calmm; Superfeast; Jasmine And Will


Sometimes it can all come down to how you look after yourself. As cliche as it sounds but yes, it's true, the mind, body and everything else is connected. A yoga and meditation teacher Jenn Tardif once said, "When we move half as fast, we notice twice as much". Wellness and sleep begins with taking the time to let yourself do less. This includes nourishing all aspects from within for example a yin class on my favourite yoga app Glo, or maybe taking some time out for a session with The Calmm. Nightly rituals of Superfeast blends are my favourite with Reishi and Jing aiding with sleep and adrenal fatigue. And why not, while you're designing your self care ritual - do it in a custom Jasmine And Will robe?


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