Candle lovers rejoice: Aesop has debuted three new candles


In the most recent positive homewares news, Aesop has debuted its latest home offering in the iteration of three scented candles - which are said to take inspiration from starlit skies.

The newly debuted candles were said to be created in partnership with perfumer Barnabé Fillion, and are each named for important astrologers throughout history, offering the "Aganice," "Callippus" and "Ptolemy" scents. Alluding to the idea of candlelight mirroring the effects of starlight, which can be seen in the brands campaign.



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The Scent "Callippus" is reportedly "titled for an astronomer of Ancient Greece famed for refining the planetary theory of his time." and is said to be woody, earthy and green, alluding to "rituals overlaid with the drifting smoke of incense." "Aganice" is titled after the first female astronomer in Ancient Greece and "evokes the atmosphere of Tangier through Cardamom, Mimosa and discreet notes of Tobacco." Providing a spicy, floral, and fresh sensory experience. Lastly, “Ptolemy” has been titled for Greek-Egyptian scientist, who focused on medieval astrology teachings, and offers a blend of cedar, cypress and vetiver, for a woody, earthy, and resinous experience.

While the packaging itself will have many coveting the new addition to the brands home offering, each individual scents are sure to evoke a sense of grounding and calm, if Aesop's home fragrances and Parfum's are anything to go off.

As an ode to the times we are experiencing, the new Aesop candles are said to provide a sense of warmth amid troubled moments, stating that "while the combustion of humble wax may be a less dazzling source of light than the night sky, it can offer a similar sense of solace for those who’ve endured turbulent waters. "

Pleasing for the heart and soul in equal measure, we can't wait to light a candle with you.


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