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Why you’ll want Bed Threads’ new loungewear in your wardrobe

Bed Threads

I'm not exactly shy about my love for linen. If you bring it up in conversation, I will absolutely chew your ear off with a running list of all the reasons why linen is superior to most other fabrics.

So, naturally I was extremely happy to find out Bed Threads has launched linen lounge and sleepwear. Bed Threads is a cult favourite; a brand making sustainable French linen bedding accessible rather than elite. And now this lifestyle brand has added apparel to its repertoire.

The new sets are designed for days spent lounging around in bed, on the sofa, or working from home as many of us still are. They're comfortable but beautiful - a set that will make you feel luxurious as you lounge around your home.

Bed Threads

Linen is just a better choice for loungewear. It's breathable and has fabulous moisture wicking properties. It's also a fabulous insulator, meaning you'll be warm in winter and cool in summer.

But here's the real selling point for me. My loungewear and bedwear are the pieces that I wash the most out of anything in my wardrobe. I cook in them, I sleep in them, I eat in them. So they definitely need washing more frequently than my other clothes. Unfortunately, excessive washing is one of the quickest ways to breakdown and ruin most fabrics - except linen. It gets softer, more luxurious and just better after each wash. Linen loungewear is the type of product you can buy once and treasure forever.

The new Bed Threads lounge iterations are particularly lovely. The elegant bell sleeves and deep v-neckline of the new top are a cute nod to the 70s, finished with a loose silhouette and buttery soft fabric. As for the pants, they're oversized through the leg (as all comfy pants should be) with a drawstring tie waist. Paired together, these take loungewear to a luxe new level.

Bed Threads

Bed Threads is a proudly carbon-neutral brand, its packaging is plastic-free and its chosen linen fabric is a much more sustainable option than cotton or polyester. It's a brand you can feel good about shopping with.

The new loungewear is available now on the Bed Threads site and comes in a different sizes and a huge array of fabulous colours - my picks are the olive, rust and black. If you're interested in more, you should definitely read our interview with Geneviève Rosen Biller . We quizzed her on all things home decor and interior stylings.


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