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Bed Threads founder Geneviève Rosen Biller shares how to elevate your interiors

Bed Threads

Geneviève Rosen Biller has always had an effortless and enviable flair for style. She's always seemed to have an endless array of perfectly-draped black dresses, a fabulous collection of big-framed sunglasses and an unmatched eye for interior elegance. It's been that way for the 10 years that I've known her.

So when she launched bedding and decor label Bed Threads, it did not come as a surprise. It seemed only natural.

Bed Threads is the brand behind the bedding you've seen in the homes of your most stylish friends. This brand creates 100% pure French flax linen sheets in the colours you've always wanted but could never find - colours like terracotta, lavender, petrol and olive. I have sets in rust and in ink, both have transformed my bed into a feature piece, instead of something I used to hide under throw pillows.

But Bed Threads is more than a brand. It's a lifestyle. The Bed Threads Journal does weekly tours through the homes of the stylish people you know from Instagram. It shows us how to create beautiful spaces that are still cosy and soothing. And it teaches that interior elegance is more about understanding your own style than playing by the rules.

We spoke to Geneviève, asking for her advice on how to cultivate our interiors, hoping to capture a little of her style. Here's her advice for crafting an cosy and absolutely enviable home.


What are the simplest ways to elevate your space?

The simplest way to elevate your space is to replace something functional with something beautiful.

By that I mean, take the simple thing and make it special. Invest in a sculptural bedside lamp and suddenly your bedroom will look completely different. Swap out your old sheets for a new and colourful linen set. Decant your pantry staples into vintage amber glassware. Buy a special jug and glass and drink water from it at your desk. These small switches will make each room in your house feel instantly elevated.

Bed Threads

What are your styling tips for those wanting to update their interiors?

The most important thing is to think about a colour palette and find one that works for you. You don’t have to stick to it religiously, but giving yourself a palette that you’re happy to stick with will make it styling decisions easier.

I have a theory that the best colours for your home will be ones that reflect your wardrobe – you’ve already done the leg work of picking out colours when it comes to the clothes you wear, so there’s a good chance that those favourite shades will be the ones you want all around you at home, too. I’m a minimalist, and I love neutral shades both in my home and when I get dressed: my house is all black, white, khaki and grey and I introduce colour with accessories (or artwork!).

Once you’ve sorted out colours, styling is simple. You can pick out accessories – cushions for your sofa, vases and glassware, curtains, everything and anything basically – that you can style up to build the aesthetic that you want. My favourite thing to do is to group together trinkets, whether it’s books and magazines, framed photos, ceramic pieces, candlesticks, small plants and flowers, little dishes, bottles of perfume, in vaguely similar shades on shelves and coffee tables.


How can we make our spaces cosier for winter?

Cosiness is all about creating a physical feeling, so this is simple: pile as many soft furnishings as you can onto every surface in your home. Seriously, go overboard - forget what I said about being a minimalist before. Think more cushions and layers of linen. Drape something warm on every armchair, couch or bed in your house. You never know when you’ll want something to wrap up in. You can also introduce warmth in your colour palette - if it’s not too weird for you - and light a few candles.


What's your favourite decor hack?

A really quick way to update your bedroom is to mix and match your sheets. You’d be surprised by how easily you can do this, most colours work well together, even the ones that you might not expect, like a dark petrol blue shade with a lighter, creamier terracotta.

Take a fitted sheet from one set and a couple of pillowcases and mix them with a different coloured duvet cover. Or, if you just want to make a small change, throw a few odd-coloured pillow cases into your regular sheet set. It will change the whole feel of your bedroom in minutes.


What are your decor must-haves?

I love to fill every room of my house with art. My mum is an artist so her pieces generally take pride of place. But I have some beautiful work from Caroline Walls, Isabelle Feliu, Bec Smith and Vicki Lee I have collected over the years, too. At the moment, I have four framed prints from our collaboration with the incredibly talented line artist Claudia Miranda hanging above our sofa in the lounge room. I love hanging multiple pictures on the same wall space, portrait-gallery style. It’s like creating a mosaic or a collage out of art, and it makes me feel inspired.



Besides art, I collect vases and ceramics from my favourite makers in Australia and overseas— Rachel Saunders, Lucas Wearne from Neighbourhood Studio, Aimee McLaughlin from Objet Aimee and a rotating roster of Dinosaur Designs pieces are constantly being arranged and rearranged throughout my home. I like things which have a tactile, hand-made quality to them and I think that coming home (or now, staying home in) a clean, curated space can transform your mood.