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Olympics Tik Tok is bringing almost as much joy as Dean Boxall’s gold medal celebration

olympics Tik Tok

It is no secret that the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are a bit of a sad sight right now. With the controversy surrounding the games - a relentless stream of unfavourable choices made by the IOC's archaic policies, like Sha’Carri Richardson losing her spot on Team USA after cannabis came up during her drug test which was taken in a state where weed is legal and she was mourning the death of her mother; or champion hurdler Brianna McNeal, who was suspended from this Olympics and the next one for missing a screening in January when she claimed to be in bed recovering from an abortion and didn’t hear the anti-doping official at her door; or Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi, the teenage Namibian sprinters barred from competition because of naturally high testosterone levels. Becca Meyers, a gold medal–winning swimmer had to withdraw from the Paralympics on Sunday due to the fact that she is deaf and blind and officials denied her a personal-care assistant in Tokyo, so it's hard to feel excited by a normally joyful sporting event that millions tune into because of biased systemic policies in place.

This all said, we have been half-heartedly tuning in since the Opening Ceremony on Friday, and some moments of Olympics reprieve have surfaced to bring a bit of the energy back into an otherwise desolate stadium with necessary but dystopian COVID-safe measures in place, like Australian swimmer Ariarne Titmus' coach going absolutely balls-to-the-wall when she won a gold medal yesterday, or the lighthearted presence of Olympian's on Tik Tok, which is what we're really gathered here today for.

@bekaheaker##tokyoolympics ##abitmuch ##Olympics ##olympicvillage ##olympicswimming♬ original sound - Bekah Eaker

Whether it’s putting the mysterious cardboard beds provided to athletes to the test, taking us on a tour through the olympic village, showing us what the COVID-safe measures are really like, or thirsting over other Olympians for the notoriously horny two-week event, the Olympians have commandeered the FYP, and we couldn't be happier about it. With hashtags #OlympicVillage, #Tokyo2020, and #olympics amounting billions of views, it's clear we aren't the only ones who are curious to hear from those actually living the Olympics.

We have written before about the way that Tik Tok, as opposed to the polished nature of Instagram, feels like an internet realm where people are slightly more candid. From the lens of athletes, Tik Tok feels like a space where there are fewer Getty images of victories and more banter about them as people, real athletes, with a sense of humour, who have worked their whole lives to be at the games this year, and are pretty excited about the fact. These Tik Tokker's not only provide a source of joy and laughter to those of us who are watching at home, but a point of connection, too. Behind the masks and the heaved breaths of triumphant competitors, are people with the kind of physical and mental dedication to their sports that myself - who can barely make it to the roof without getting dizzy - will never quite comprehend.

Also, they are all extremely hot, and we love to get a look into the lives of the horny young Olympians taking home the gold and potentially another notch on that cardboard bedpost. Here's to the Olympians of Tik Tok in all their psychotically talented glory, and our favourite posts of theirs yet.

@adam_peatyOlympic Gold♬ Know Yourself - Drake


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@roos_2021Tomorrow is game day! Are you ready to tune in? 🏑 #glitch #teamaus #OlympicSpirit #tokyo2020 #olympics♬ Listen To Me Now - nghigiango

@tomdaleyWhen you win Olympic Gold #tokyo2020 #olympicspirit @mattydiver♬ Gold - Spandau Ballet

@jazminsawyersguess my sport before checking my profile #tokyo2020 #tokyoolympics #olympicspirit♬ nobody but theres no body in nobody - pitbull

@tylerdownssheyy girl we are teammates♬ original sound - TOP 2

@ilonamaherIf only they understood the straight flames I quote ##beastbeautybrains ##tokyo2020 ##usarugby ##tokyoolympics ##teamusa ##olympictiktok ##teammates♬ Dream smp hate club - ~♡violet♡~

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