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‘Chucky’ is the queer horror series we’ve been waiting for

Chucky series

Ah, 2021, the year of classic horror film reboots. We know them, we love them, we once feared them, and now they are coming back. Namely, Chucky is coming back. The twisted classic about a deranged killer doll with flaming red hair is set to launch in October, according to a trailer launched this week. And despite countless reboots, this is the stories first TV series, and it's a little bit queer!

As we all know, to be a slasher movie is to be inherently camp, so the story line of a queer, 14-year old high-schooler named Jake Webber whose hobby is to craft strange sculptures out of doll parts, is all too apt! Simply titled Chucky, the series follows Webber as he discovers a flame-haired doll in dungarees at a yard sale, which he claims is 'retro' (if only you knew, Jake!) which he take home, only to discover that the cheeky little serial-killer-posessed creature swiped a butchers knife on it's way out of the yard sale, and so ensues the small-town massacre that is the Chucky legacy.

Don Mancini will serve as the series show runner, which has certainly piqued our interest, considering he was one of the original writers of the Child’s Play trilogy. Alongside Manici, the original voice behind Chucky in his original role, Brad Dourif, will return for the reboot. As the biggest baby of all, the show feels promising in that it appears to build out a story arc a little more diligently than a 90 minute film, making the horror aspect of it feel less jarring and a little more kitsch, but who is to tell, perhaps it will be the most bone-chilling series that ever was. After all, the original franchise actor Alex Vincent said at San Diego Comic Con @ Home that original fans have “been waiting for the really dark feel and some really gruesome, gory deaths, and this show is chock full of those, and for newer fans, it’s a little more developed in why he is the way he is. It’s really shown in a creative way. Still as dark as ever, but we get to kind of see Chucky in a different light and what he gets out of interacting with people.”

That settles it, then! Watch the trailer, below, and see for yourself. Chucky is set for a Syfy debut on 12 October 2021.


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