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Is an Oceans 11 prequel on the way?

Ocean's 11 prequel

If there's one thing about me, it's that the Ocean's 11 franchise is my comfort film. 11, 12, 13, I do not discriminate. If Brad Pitt and George Clooney are planning a heist, I'll be watching it, so imagine our surprise at the talk of a prequel to all of the heist madness? Life couldn't be better. Now, imagine our surprise that Pitt and Clooney actually may not have anything to do with it, and instead Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are taking the reigns? Life could be better. Nevertheless, that is reportedly exactly what is happening, so strap in for an Ocean's 11 prequel featuring the cast of Greta Gerwigs Barbie movie! They really can do it all.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Robbie had signed on to produce and star in the upcoming prequel, with no further updates on who might be slated to be her co-star. Now, however, the Hollywood rumour mill is taking on a life of its own with the speculation that it might just be her Barbie movie co-star, Ryan Gosling. This is but a simple rumour, but if Oceans 8 was any indication that the franchise likes to work with as many blockbuster actors as possible, it could be true!

So far, there are very few further details on the project, even if we were to plan a heist to get them, other than the fact that the film will be based in Europe in the 1960s. Bring back the Italian Job!

Unfortunately for someone who relies on the franchise to bolster their mental health, the Ocean's 11 prequel is not projected to start production until late in 2023, so it's unlikely we'll have any more updates to share until then, but we'll be sure to be all over it when new details do emerge. In the meantime, do you think a back-to-back Robbie X Gosling special is plausible?

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