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Hate subtitles? Issa Rae is remaking ‘Perfect Strangers’, the Italian drama about a nightmare dinner party

perfect strangers issa rae

It's a simple premise, you and your friends sit down to dinner and surrender your phones. Whenever someone receives a text or call, they will be read to the group or put on loudspeaker. If you're the kind of person who leaves your phone facing up, this won't worry you. But for the rest of us, this public free-for-all is a nightmare. It's also the plot of 2016 Italian drama Perfect Strangers or Perfetti Sconosciuti by Paolo Genovese, which Issa Rae is set to remake for those who hate subtitles.

What is Perfect Strangers about?

As previously mentioned, a group of friends gather together for a dinner party and are coerced by one friend to put their phones on the table, as proof they know each other well and have nothing to hide. Every incoming text, phone call and email is then read back to the group, leaving the intended recipient exposed. Naturally, the game ends in tears, and as always whenever a group of Italians are involved, a whole lot of yelling. While it does speak about technology eroding relationships, and deception, it's also human and funny, which is why the film was so popular upon release.

If Issa Rae is to stick to the original premise then we can expect a similar plotline. Although, we imagine that with six years of hindsight and a wealth of new tech-dilemmas, her own version will feel even more relevant and incisive; and not without her signature brand of comedy too.

While announcing the project, Rae said, "I’m really looking forward to bringing this funny and compelling story to a new demographic and could not be happier about partnering with Spyglass team to make it happen. I loved the original film and think the story will resonate with audiences here as well.”

Who has been cast in the remake?

Hold on. Issa Rae has only just announced the film, let alone assembled a cast. More on that when Rae herself knows. Until then, we can tell you that Issa Rae will direct, produce and star in the remake of Perfect Strangers. And that's about it, really. We're holding out for an appearance from Yvonne Orji or Kendrick Sampson, please.

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