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Zazie Beetz and Salma Hayek are joining the already huge cast of ‘Black Mirror’ season 6

black mirror season 6 cast

It takes a lot for a television series to pique our interest these days. If it's not a small screen masterpiece or the absolute dregs of reality TV, we don't want it. But after five seasons, Black Mirror has managed to hold our attention. Sure, the dystopic plotlines reel us in, but what has us coming back for more is its beefed out cast. Season 6 is no different. Each week that passes brings news of a fresh name to join the upcoming season, with Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy of Schitt's Creek its latest acquisitions.

Who else has been cast?

Under normal circumstances, Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy's presence would be enough to guarantee a hit, but their involvement is just the tip of the iceberg. Also onboard season 6 of Black Mirror is RUSSH favourite Zazie Beetz, who stole our hearts in Atlanta and Paapa Essiedu from Michaela Coel's masterpiece I May Destroy You. They are joined by Kate Mara from Pose, Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett, Danny Ramirez, and Culkin brother, Rory, who you will recognise from Under the Banner of Heaven.

What is Black Mirror season 6 about?

If you're too depressed about our current reality to darken your doorstep with Black Mirror, then let's go back to basics. It's typically taken the format of an anthology series, so each episode is different from the last, although they're all connected by a single theme. Normally, that theme is about technology and the consequences of our reliance on it. It sounds like trite subject material, the kind high school interpretative dance presentations are based on, but believe me, the showmakers have a freaky way of making our current tech issues appear futuristic while hitting close to home.

Although we don't know any specifics about what season 6 will bring, it's said to be more cinematic than the last, with more episodes too. Either way, you're still going to want to adopt the foetal position afterwards, so there's that guarantee. More to come.


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