November’s Full Moon in Taurus will be a rare Blood Moon

November's Full Moon arrives on Friday November 19 into a clear night sky. It will reach its peak at 7:57pm, illuminating the evening and bringing with it a tide of increased energy. Because this Full Moon, also known as the Beaver Moon, is also a partial Lunar Eclipse, that will be visible to those in North America, the West of South America, New Zealand and also Australia.

Falling in the sign of Taurus, the Beaver Moon takes its name from American First Nations people and also Colonial roots. It signifies the time that the beavers of the Northern Hemisphere would be finished prepping for the cold months, building lodges and storing food.

Of course, this is no ordinary Full Beaver Moon. The presence of an eclipse carries extra meaning and energetic impacts and will of course turn this Full Moon into a Blood Moon.


How to see the Blood Moon November 2021

Catching a glimpse of the Blood Moon in Taurus will depend on where in the world you are placed. Unfortunately, those in Western Europe and Africa won't be able to see. But the rest of the world will get a look at Moon Rise, Moon Set or through the whole thing. While North America will catch the longest view, if you do want to see the Moon turn rust red, you'll need to be up at 4am. As for those of us in Australia, our view will come at Moon Rise as the Moon ascends into the sky. It will start becoming visible at about 7:34pm AEST with best visibility at about 8:02pm after the Moon has reached its fullest point.

A map of viewability can help you see if you'll see the eclipse from where you're based.


What to expect from November's Full Blood Moon in Taurus

A Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon is like a regular Full Moon on steroids. All the normal impact of a Full Moon - the peaking of energy, climax of undercurrents, the revealing of hidden influences, turning points - are all amplified. So in a way, Blood Moons mean change. They can be transformative in the best possible way, revealing what you would rather keep buried and helping you to peel back the layers to help you see more clearly. In this way, these particular events are helpful in reassessing your life and where you're currently placed. It can offer a chance for you to be stripped bare, and help you reset and find a new path for the future.

Of course we have Taurus' influence to contend with, which is known for bringing particularly stubborn energy. Taureans don't enjoy change. This is a sign that loves luxury, relaxation and peace. So, sudden change from the Eclipse may lock horns with the energy of the bull, leaving us feeling conflicted. But with change, often comes renewed inner peace. Try to make changes that will be for your best interest the long run, if you wish to appease luxury loving Taurus and align with the energy flowing from this Moon. Find a better work life balance, make the real estate move you've been wanting to make, book that holiday.

The best way for you to approach this Moon is try and find a way to harness the push for change and its transformative impacts in a way that leads to making your life better. And find ways to treat yourself along the way. Don't be surprised if Taurus is causing you to linger a little too long over the bag section of Net-a-Porter. Lean into it. What is life if we can't treat ourselves along the way?


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Image: Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash