The November New Moon in Scorpio wants radical change

Our November New Moon arrives on the morning of Friday November 5 at 8:14am AEST. It greets us on a rainy morning at the midway point of our Scorpio season. As our second last New Moon of the 2021 calendar year, this celestial event comes to us in the sign of Scorpio.

This New Moon will feel especially transformative. The Moon will just cross over into Scorpio on the morning of November 5 as it reaches its least visible point. Here, it joins the Sun and Mars, both of which are also in Scorpio. Additionally, these will be joined by Mercury which transitions from Libra into Scorpio the following day on November 6. With four major bodies sitting in the one sign, we will feel the energy of this Moon on all sides of ourselves.


What to expect from the New Moon in Scorpio

New Moons are the end of the previous lunation (of Moon Cycle). They offer us a chance to close out the themes and energies of the previous cycle, bringing them to a natural decline. In turn, the New Moon also opens the next Moon Cycle. As such, this is a moment to cleanse yourself and welcome a refresh. Think of this as an opportunity to reset and rebirth. So naturally, this is the time you'll want to start on new endeavours, make plans for the future and even to give your home a healthy spring clean. This is also the moment you will want to use to put thought towards manifestations. The energy you introduce at the New Moon will grow and eventually bloom at the Full Moon. This is definitely the moment to focus on transformation, growth and setting yourself up for success.

The influence of Scorpio here will be intense for many of us. Elusive, obsessive, intellectual but also vindictive, Scorpio is a polarising sign at the best of times. Charismatic passionate lovers or controlling obsessives with a taste for morbidity - Scorpio is not a sign that does things in halves. But what many people tend to ignore about Scorpio is that it is a water sign. And as such it is a sign that is deeply emotional, spiritual and intuitive. This can very introspective and transformative energy if you choose to harness it. Since the Sun (which rules our outer selves) and the Moon (which rules our inner selves) are placed in this sign during the New Moon, this will truly be a moment where the spirit of transformation will energise all sides of yourself.  What does all this mean? Well, if you are looking to make a change, now is the time. This could be the pivotal point that you need to carve out a different path for yourself, a chance to take the other road as your arrive at a fork. You should see this as an opportunity for positive development and the first step to a new future.

Then of course, we can't ignore kinky Scorpio's fiery passion. With the planet of communication, Mercury and the planet of love and war, Mars both in Scorpio too, expect the days around the New Moon to inspire intensity in the way that only horny Scorpios can. Prepare to feel all sexed up in the best possible way.


Which signs will be most affected?

While Aries sits on the opposite side of the Zodiac to Scorpio - fire vs water - these two signs share similar traits. Kindred spirits in a way, both fiercely loyal, passionate and with a sharp tongue. All of the planetary placements in Scorpio will be heightening these particular aspects of yourself. You'll feel them more intensely than you ordinarily would. And while it is thrilling to throw caution to the wind and give yourself over to passion, do try not to embrace the other shared qualities of Scorpio and Aries as wholeheartedly. As your mother likely told you, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Taurus, who prefers to live life as Ferdinand the Bull, enjoying fine foods in the peace and shade of a glorious tree, may have trouble adjusting to the intensity of this New Moon. This sign is no fan of conflict, aggression or rapid change. And since this Moon in Scorpio looks to be inspiring all three, Taurus may be tempted to bury its head in the sand until it's all over. Just try to take this time as a moment for self improvement.

Naturally Scorpio will also be one of the signs most affected too. And while a host of planetary placement's in one's own sign may ordinarily be very comfortable, for Scorpio it will be the opposite. While this is a deeply emotional sign, Scorpio does tend to be very secretive about its true feelings. This New Moon will be like holding up a mirror, forcing you to confront themes that you would rather leave to fester under the surface. It will be uncomfortable, but taking this time to carve out positive change and using this moment of transformation will ultimately help you be the best version of yourself in the long run.

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Image: Victoria Morgan on Unsplash