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Megan Fox has adopted a new bloodsucking role alongside Sydney Sweeney just in time for Halloween

Night teeth

For those of us who would lay down their lives for Megan Fox since the precise minute she appeared on screen in Jennifer's Body in 2009 -  and sparked a collective bi/gay/megansexual awakening for millions across the globe - the news that she is starring as another irresistible flesh eating monstrosity is definitely good news. She'll appear in the Netflix film, Night Teeth this October, and it's we needed to make it through the rest of the year.

Fox will star alongside Sydney Sweeney, Lucy fry and Debbie Ryan in the new horror movie (if you can call it that), which follows a college student named Benny (Jorge Lenderborg Jr) who moonlights as a chauffeur to make some money. Unfortunately for him, his passengers for the night are riled up and ready to party, only their version of partying looks a lot like murdering people and drinking their blood.

As he discovers what is occurring when he drops his passengers off, his night expectedly takes a turn for the worst, and he is caught in a feud between vampires and those trying to protect humans. Sweeny and Fox serve as the leaders for their sxc underground death world, and Ryan's character asks Benny,  “Who do you think runs the city? We are richer and more powerful than you can imagine,” as Fox sips a martini in the trailer. It is highly cringe, but we will persevere for the sake of Megan.

On the quest to defeat them by dawn, “Benny is forced to choose between fear and temptation if he wants to stay alive and save the City of Angels.” The synopsis reads.

Night Teeth was written by Brent Dillon and directed by Adam Randall, and was inspired by the1985-classic, Fright Night, Rolling Stone reports. “When I read the initial script for Night Teeth it was a low-budget horror movie, 90% set in a car,” Randall told the publication. “The story was of a young guy driving two vampires around LA, which in itself was a hugely fun idea. What excited me was the idea of combining a thrilling and comical story of Benny’s crazy night, with an expanded and more crime-focused world outside.”

With the help of Dillon, they created a movie that explores multiple film tropes. “On the one hand, you have a rich, dangerous, detailed underworld of vampire crime families, gang wars, power and money… and then on the other this kid who is completely out of his element. The clashing of these two worlds, of these different genres — crime thriller, coming of age, supernatural horror — all over one night in the big city, felt like the potential for a new take on the vampire movie, something intense, funny, and a little crazy,” Randal said.

The cringey chaos will be available to stream on October 20th on Netflix, and you can watch the trailer, below.


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