March’s New Moon in Pisces wants you to explore your mystic side

Get ready to start planting seeds of intention, because our next New Moon is coming this week. It arrives on Saturday March 13 at 9:21pm in the Water sign Pisces.

Since the Sun will also be in Pisces when the Moon makes its move to this sign on March 12, we'll get a double dose of Pisces energy affecting both our outer and inner selves.

New Moons always signal a time of refresh, renewal and rebirth. It is the close of the old lunation and the awakening of a new one. As such, it is an event that will bring the themes of the past four weeks to a close and will encourage you to let go and close the book on your chapter just past.

Similarly, as the start of a new lunation, the energies and themes you open now will follow you through until the next New Moon. So it's important to get into the right headspace and set yourself up for success. Inviting in the wrong energy at this time can inhibit you throughout the rest of the lunation. After all, you reap what you sow.


How to approach the New Moon in Pisces?

This New Moon will be an emotional one. Moments of closure and rebirth can naturally already feel a little emotional, but Pisces' influence from both the Sun and the Moon will make you feel even more deeply. As the Sun and the Moon are the planets that rule our outer selves and inner selves respectively, prepare to feel a heightened sense of sensitivity on both sides of your personality. This will become all the more impactful if you're already a sensitive person. Try to remember not to take things personally, and that we're all feeling emotional right now. This too shall pass. But of course, Pisces is also an immensely compassionate sign, so tap into this energy to help you have understanding and empathy for others at this time.

One of the other key traits of Pisces is its mysticism and creativity. Pisces is known to have the most psychic and effortlessly vivid imaginations. It's an energy that comes as a real blessing during a New Moon. Since New Moons are the time to set intentions, begin manifestations, Moon Rituals and otherwise bring your dreams to life; a big boost of creative energy is very timely indeed. Lean into it all, and get ready to explore the mystic side of yourself. Trust your intuition and give into your creative pursuits. If the need to write or paint or draw or create in any way arrives, go with it. You'll be surprised to see what comes through in your self expression. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that governs water and dreams - so, if you're feeling unusually drawn to the mystic side of yourself, now is the perfect time to explore it with intention.


Which signs are affected most by the New Moon in Pisces?

The signs that will be most affected by this lunar event are of course the Water signs: Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. These three are already naturally more sensitive and emotional than the rest of the zodiac. And this moment of renewal, with the Sun and Moon both in a highly sensitive sign, will enhance the easily affected tendencies of these folks. At the same time, this emotional energy may actually feel more comfortable for you. You feel like a fish in water, if you'll forgive the Piscean pun. Especially when you compare to the Full Moon in Virgo from February. Virgo's structured energy feels almost combative to you. Whereas a double dose of Pisces allows you to be more yourself - and freer to explore your nature and creative pursuits.

This New Moon will also impact Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn more than the rest. These three aren't particularly tolerant of fuss and prefer just to get on with it. So, living in a moment of heightened emotions can feel like a real drag on productivity. But as is your nature, you'll just have to get on with it.


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Image: James Peacock on Unsplash