The Full Worm Moon in Libra wants you to find balance

Our next Full Moon, the March Full Moon arrives on the evening of Sunday March 28. Although it is technically at its fullest point at 5:28am on March 29. But with the weather clearing, we should have a glorious view of it rising, high in the sky on Sunday night.

Like most of our Full Moons, it's official name comes from Native American folklore. And this particular one is called the Worm Moon named for the worms that appear in the soil during the Northern Hemisphere planting and growing season.

This Moon comes to us in the airy sign of Libra and as such, the theme of this Moon is balance. Like all air signs Libra is an expressive and communicative sign. The energy of this sign will therefore encourage us to open our inner selves. The Moon rules our inner personality, the way we see ourselves when we're alone, and the influence of Libra on this dominating celestial body will see us be more open to talking - and importantly, resolutions.


What to expect and how to approach the Full Moon in Libra

Libra is not just a social sign, it's the peacemaker of the zodiac. As we know, Full Moons are a moment of illumination that can often surface issues and bring defining themes to a climatic peak. It can mean hard work paying off, but it can also mean tensions coming to a head ensuing arguments. If there are arguments on the horizon, this is the time you'll want them to happen. Diplomatic, fair and idealistic, Libra energy will encourage us to see both sides and reach a place of equality and fairness. This influence will bring harmony to your closest relationships, all involved will have an energetic burst to seek fairness.

This Moon will also push us to seek balance for ourselves. If you've felt off kilter over the last few weeks, you're not alone. Our previous Full Moon in Virgo pushed us to work hard and seek perfection and as we came down from this peak of energy, the New Moon in Pisces sent us into an emotional swirl. So, energetically, our moods have been topsy turvy. Now, as the energy of this lunation reaches its climax, we're finally receiving the influence we need to reach a place of harmony and internal balance. If you're feeling inspired to invest in your own self care, now is the time. You probably need it. Pause, take a moment for rest and do not push yourself beyond your own limits.

Of course, there are always a few pitfalls luring us to make missteps. Remember, Libra is a sign of vanity and indecision. In your effort to achieve balance, do not fall into the trap of overthinking every option. You'll end up giving into Libra's tendency and general inability to commit. Likewise, there is a line between self care and vanity. Be careful not to cross it, and don't let it colour your decisions.


Which signs will be most affected?

There are three signs in particular that will be most affected by this celestial event. They are, Capricorn, Libra and Aries.

Naturally Aries is feeling a number of competing influences. It is of course Aries season at the moment, with the Sun moving into this Fire Sign on March 21. Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. As such, Aries is not particularly accustomed to finding a peaceful resolution to disagreements. This Full Moon will challenge Aries to see both sides and look beyond themselves to find a resolution.

Libra too will be affected. Most Sun signs are when an extra body moves into their sign. The effect here is that Libra Suns will have the same influences coming through their inner selves as well as their outer selves. This can enhance their positive traits but it also heightens their negative traits, potentially making them even more indecisive and prone to self pity. Try to reject this energy and focus on finding the balance you so love.

As for Capricorns, this no-fuss Earth Sign often doesn't have the time to look for fairness or balance, especially when dealing with difficult people. Try to remember your patience during this Full Moon period. Everyone will be craving diplomacy and even though it's not in your nature to spend more time than necessary on any one task, you may have to in order to keep the peace with those around you.


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Image: Te Pania Noonan on Unsplash