The New Moon in Gemini will invite big change into your life

New Moon

Our next New Moon fades from its final waxing crescent on Thursday 6 June. It will be at its least visible point at 10:37 pm AEST. Falling in the Air sign of Gemini, this moment is one that will feed your need for change. If you're feeling stuck, think of this New Moon as an outstretched hand ready to help you pull yourself out of a rut. All you need to do is reach out and take it.


What to expect from the New Moon in Gemini

If the Full Moon is the energetic peak of the Moon Cycle, the New Moon is the opposite. It's a time of reset. At the New Moon we find ourselves in the doldrums, where the core themes from the previous lunation come to a close. As such, we have the opportunity to invite new energies into our lives. Consider this a reboot and refresh.

It's important to note, that the New Moon can restore calm within the self. This is the point of the Moon Cycle where the Sun and the Moon are conjunct, meaning they sit in the same sign. Since the Moon rules our inner selves and the Sun rules our outerselves, there is internal balance to be found when these bodies are energetically equal.

The New Moon is widely considered the best time during the Moon Cycle to engage in Moon Rituals and manifestations. This is the moment to ask the universe for what you want - be clear in your intentions and set up your goals for the weeks ahead. As this Moon falls in Gemini, this will be an excellent time to invite curiosity, adaptability and socialisation into your life. If you've been craving new experience or more connection with those around you, the energies from this astrological moment will work in tandem with you.


How to approach this New Moon

We'll be heavily under the influence of Gemini at this time. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will also join the Sun and the Moon in the twin Air sign. With these three planets ruling communications, love and fortune, we'll be feeling the natural curiosity of Gemini permeate almost all the major aspects of our lives. Conjunctions also have the impact of amplifying the themes expressed by each planet and the sign they're placed in. So, do prepare yourself to feel a wave of Air sign energy. Of course, as this is the New Moon, you won't be bowled over by it, rather it will flow over us and offer a guiding influence.

Gemini gets a bad wrap. What some people may call "two-faced" is simply an indication of this sign's adaptability. In this way, Gemini is the ideal sign to guide us through any big changes. It encourages us,  not to simply go with the flow, but to actively invite change. This is a particularly helpful moment for Earth signs who are known to favour structure and rigidity. Stubbornness never helped anyone escape from a rut, but Gemini's desire for newness will create the pathway we need to enter the next Moon Cycle in a better place. If you've been looking for a moment to take that big leap, this is it. A new job, international move or even the decision to expand your family are all on the cards. Be ready to embrace the new with open arms.

Probably Gemini's most notable feature is its love for all things social. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, it's no surprise that this sign likes to chat. With five bodies in Gemini, you'll need to be prepared to pull out of your dancing shoes. This is the perfect moment to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Take this time to go to restaurants or bars you haven't been before, organise a party and make sure you're not the first one to leave. Inviting genuine interactions into your life is good for your soul and will certain help appease the Air sign influence ruling the the planets at this time.

But you will need to be mindful of Saturn in Pisces, squaring off against the Sun and the Moon. This placement will challenge our perceptions of rules and structure. With Gemini already begging us to cast off the old and invite in the new, you may feel a strong desire to throw everything out and start again. Everything from your pantry organisation to the rules of your relationship. Remember that structure, responsibilities and rules all serve their purpose. During any New Moon, make sure your choices are considered. Shed only what you don't need, but you should hold onto to the things that serve your best interest - even if they aren't as shiny and new as you'd like.

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Image: Dylan Hunter on Unsplash

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