A match made never – these are the least compatible zodiac signs

We've written before about the matches made in heaven, the most compatible star signs. But what about the star cross'd lovers? The ones that were never meant to be?

While astrological compatibility is extremely nuanced and requires a look a the whole natal charts of both individuals, there are a few general principles that guide us when seeking a match from within the 12 signs.

Below you'll find your worst astrological match, your least compatible zodiac sign.




Aries is a hot-head, straight-forward and down to Earth. For our sensitive and emotional Water Signs, Pisces and Cancer, the abruptness of Aries may be too much - and Aries doesn't have too much time for the easily offended. Oddly, fellow Water Sign Scorpio is actually relatively good match for Aries. Both these signs have a matched pitch when it comes to tenaciousness and sexual energy. But it's a no go for Pisces and Cancer. These are matches that are not meant to be.



It's sad but it's true, Taurus is incompatible with Leo. As the two most stubborn signs of the zodiac, when these two disagree, no one wins. Plus Leo's attention-driven nature does not work with your slower and more chilled-out approach to life. The only thing you're likely to have in common is a love of fine things, but even that's not enough to save the relationship.



Gemini is one of those signs that is compatible with just about anyone. They have a social and very chatty nature that people tend to gravitate to. In fact, a recent survey of social media influencers shows that the most common sign is in fact Gemini. While some may say Leo is the worst match for Gemini because both signs have big personalities - we disagree. The worst match for Gemini is fierce Scorpio. Scorpio's ambitious nature can see them be jealous and hold grudges - which just doesn't vibe with floaty, chatty Gemini.



Deeply emotional Cancer can have a little trouble finding their match, especially if their natal charts are dominated by water. The aggression of Aries can upset them. Scorpio's tendency to hold grudges will make them unsteady. Likewise, even other Cancers can prove to be a hard match because you'll heighten each other's natural sensitivities. Even their most compatible match, Earth Signs can prove imperfect for Cancer - especially Capricorn with their fuss-free approach to life. But probably the worst match is Aquarius, whose cold and lack of emotion is too stiff for Cancer.




Leo's are not suited for anyone that is not up to the task of showering them with attention, compliments and words of affirmation. Your worst matches are Aquarius and Scorpio. An Aquarian's naturally reserved nature means they're not likely to be super forthcoming with affection. As for Scorpio, their natural veer towards jealously can be instantly sparked by your outgoing nature. If you did match with a Scorpio, you'd find yourself having lots of arguments about the nature of the relationships you have with other people.



Virgos above all value structure, planning and organisation. So throwing a flighty Sagittarius amongst their carefully laid plans will cause drama, lots of it. Unless Sagittarius can tone down their need for unplanned and last minute adventure, it will never work between these two. Virgo will end up anxious and Sagittarius will feel constrained. Pisces is also generally a bad match for Virgo. Virgo will feel Pisces spends too much time with their head in the clouds.



Libra will have the most difficulty pairing with Virgo and Capricorn. Libras are all about balance and taking the time to find it. While Virgo and Capricorn appreciate Libra's balance because they value fairness and righteousness, Libra hates the approach of these Earth Signs. Virgo and Capricorn like to work fast and, if you know a Libra, you'll know just how much they hate to feel rushed. If Virgo and Capricorn don't give Libra's the extra time they need to consider their options, it's a no go for these matches.



Libra and Leo are your worst matches and bring out the worst in you. Scorpio is a deeply intelligent and cerebral sign, but when you throw a Libra or a Leo in the mix, you'll only see the worst of Scorpio. Leo as the centre of attention will activate all of Scorpio's jealously and vengefulness. Libra is another sign that is too social for Scorpio. As chatty Air Signs, Libras can be the flirts of the zodiac which does not gel well for Scorpio at all. Also, Libra is too indecisive and causes frustration for Scorpio. These pairings are unlikely to be lucky in love.



Your worst match is Capricorn, closely followed by Virgo. Sagittarius is an explorer. You prefer it when you have no plans and can act spontaneously. But Capricorn and Virgo live for work, plans and order. Don't expect them to be on board when you propose a last minute weekend away or try to do your Christmas shopping at the last minute. No one will be happy in these matches.



Capricorns have no time for fuss - as such Gemini and Libra are a bad match. Geminis talk too much and value socialising more than hard work. Libras are similar, flirty and chatty. They also take a long time to do basic tasks which does not gel well with you. Interestingly, while you are generally a good match for Cancers, helping to toughen them up - Cancers can be a bad match for you. If you pair with a Cancer, know that you will have to do the work to support them, not the other way around.



Aquarius, the innovator, the early adopter and the one that keeps their feelings to themselves. These people will have trouble matching Taurus, whose stubbornness means they are not open to change or doing things in a way other than their own. Aquarians also do not appreciate how candidly emotional Cancer can be, preferring to steer clear of overt displays of sadness or joy.



Mystical Pisces likes to dream. They want to live a fairytale and stay in a dreamlike space. Neither Aquarius or Capricorn have time to indulge you here - be warned. Pisces are also quite introverted and private people, so the flamboyancy of Gemini and Leo may prove to dominating and intense for these delicate and softer people.


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