Your horoscopes for the upcoming New Moon in Cancer have landed

new moon in cancer June 2022

The Solstice has just hit and the year is half over. Alas. And yet, there’s still time to revive New Year’s resolutions, or, if we’re being honest, to scrap them entirely and set down new ones. Things change, after all.

Welcome, therefore, to our inaugural “Mid-Year” Resolutions, to be inscribed June 29th at 12:52pm (AEST) during this upcoming, powerful New Moon in Cancer, the only sign ruled by Diana (a name for the Moon, which poets like Keats evoke to sound fancy–hey, it works).

If our New Year’s Resolutions (penned for the Saturn-ruled Capricorn New Moon in January, 2022) were centred around goals that take time and effort to realise (Saturn stands for longevity and discipline), then our “Mid-Year” Resolutions (energised by an emotionally charged Cancer lunation) should come more from the heart. Let’s not think about Saturnal stuff now–instead let’s get in touch with what or who you really care about.

To this end, another way to approach this caring Cancer New Moon might be to explore the symbolism of the Crab itself, replete with its powerful albeit awkward pincers. As we know from Cancerians in general, once our cosmic crustacean grabs onto something, it doesn’t let go. For this lunation, ask what you want to grab onto, regarding work, romance, or family. This isn’t a “letting go” transit.

The image of the Crab’s pincers also implies that the things you hold onto should be close-at-hand, so to speak. These “Mid-Year” Resolutions shouldn’t be distant goals. Instead they should involve Cancer-tinged themes related to the home or those things closest to us.

Cancer, finally, is a Cardinal water sign. Cardinal signs initiate action in some way. They start seasons and they should also jumpstart our lives. The initiatory nature of this Cancer New Moon (when coupled with the fact that New Moons are inherently good times to plant seeds of desire to harvest later) makes this a particularly ripe moment for our inaugural “Mid-Year”Resolutions.

In what follows, we give you your Cancer New Moon Horoscope to help show you where best to put some care.


The domestic Cancer New Moon lights up your Home zone. It doesn’t get more Cancerian than that. The Stars have spoken: add some love to your place, Ram. Remember: You can’t spell “hearth” without h-e-a-r-t.


With the emotional Cancer New Moon in your Communication zone, resolve to start an elaborate group text thread with your closest friends and/or siblings on which you share reviews of your favourite rom-coms (the underrated “While You Were Sleeping,” starring Sandra Bullock, deserves more love).


The caring Cancer Moon lights up your Money zone. Resolve to spend a bit more cash on things of sentimental value. It’s ok to purchase those vintage glass birds that remind you of Grandmother’s garden.


The Cancer Moon and Sun are both in your Ego zone. Resolve to be near Father (Sun) and Mother (Moon) more–but do so on your own terms. “Hey, there’s this new wine I want to try and would rather not drink alone anymore. Come by.” Your terms, your place. No weird trips to the mall with Mom to look at blenders. Those are her terms.


Ooof. You’ve got the grasping claw of the Cancer Moon transiting your zone of the Unconscious, Secrets, and Hidden Enemies. This placement is too complex to interpret. Maybe show you care by holding onto some secrets a bit longer for the good of the relationship or friendship?


A great transit for you, with the loving Cancer New Moon in your Friendship zone. Resolve to have best friends over for that dish they adore. They get nourished with food, and you with praise, which is its own kind of delicious sustenance. Win-win.


A career-themed Cancer New Moon for you. Remember that this lunation has extra initiatory power, what with the Crab’s cardinal energy activated. Start a project at work that is dear to you–or, if work doesn’t allow this kind of freedom, maybe apply for a new role in the company? Your heart needs to be in it. But don’t leave your job. Cancer isn’t saying that.


With the soulful Cancer New Moon lighting up your Spirituality zone, resolve to re-acquaint yourself with a sacred text or a favourite verse therein (Matthew 7:1-3 perhaps?). Find new wisdom or meaning even in something familiar. You never step in the same river twice.


The Cancer New Moon should infuse your Intimacy zone with heightened sensitivity to a helpmate’s sweet embrace or charged innuendo. Behold the Moon together and resolve to understand one another through the sensual poetry of each other’s fingertips.


The Cancer New Moon highlights your Partnership zone. Even though there is initiatory power in this lunation, it’s not time for a new relationship. It’s more likely that you just want your helpmate to load the dishwasher correctly. Whatever your emotional need, now is the time to say it loudly.


Sometimes your nature seems so distant, with all your new-fangled theories about neuronal plasticity. Resolve to put Cancer love and care into your diet, an area of your chart highlighted by this lunation. No more canned soup at midnight because you’re too overloaded with solving humanitarian crises. Real soup, ok? Made from scratch.


The fertile Cancer New Moon floods your Creativity and Fun zone. Resolve to finish that one song you played to your friend last week–the one they sort of listened to while absorbed in TikTok videos.

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Photo by Victoria Morgan on Unsplash