Your July horoscopes have landed: Here’s what’s in store for the month ahead

july horoscopes 2022

Think about each season as a supplement to the preceding one. Gemini, for instance, adds flexibility to the fixed-earth rigidity of Taurus. The Bull also loves to laze about in a kind of sensual, Venusian luxury, but Gemini says “nope, it’s time to get social and cerebral.”

But then what? Then Cancer season (June 21 to July 23rd) enters into our DMs. It complements Gemini’s flighty and intellectual sociality with a deep, nourishing, and emotional infusion of heart and intuition. Gemini’s month of myriad acquaintances reduces down to Cancerian care for a few select friends and family. The Moon-ruled Crab can be crabby and moody, true, but we need to feel awash in feelings after the airy, intellectualised vamp of Gemini.

In the same vein, Leo emerges after Cancer season to supplement–like vitamins–our month-long diet of Crab. The Big Cat brings with it fire and brimstone to evaporate all the watery emotions of Cancer. Rather than maternal, self-sacrificing energy, Sun-ruled Leo is all self-centred.

And so we see in these brief examples the pattern and the principle of the Universe, wheeling around and around. Forever.

Transit-wise this July, the Sun will be in Cancer until the 23rd, then it heads to the Cat. Watery-tears to fiery, hungry eyes. A Full Moon in Capricorn on the 14th suggests a date for a power lunch with a business colleague or a night out, drinking scotch with another. A New Moon in drama queen Leo on the 29th betokens a time for putting your needs first after a season of selfless Cancer energy. Bellicose Mars is at home in Aries until the 5th, then switches into steady Taurus (the last time Planet War ingressed into the Bull was January 6th, 2021 the day of the Insurrection in the US). Lovely Venus moves from Gemini to Cancer on the 17th (deepening bonds with friends and lovers around then). Finally, maximal Jupiter retrogrades on the 29th to close out July (more on that backspin later…stay tuned).


When we speak about the Stars aligning, we mean something like your transits for July. The Cancer Sun (self care), Mercury (communication), and Venus (beauty) all crest your Selfhood zone throughout the month. The 18th to 23rd is particularly ripe–all three planets overlap then. Expect a heightened sense of appearance and esteem (Venus) and also a desire for voicing your desires (Mercury). After all, it’s your season–a time of ego, not egolessness. It wouldn’t be the worst idea, therefore, to suspend your maternal nature somewhat and express what you want, not what you think others want you to want. The Full Moon in your Partnership zone on the 14th marks a powerful day and/or evening to celebrate an occasion with your helpmate. However, the days leading up to it should be about celebrating yourself, whether that means taking some alone time or being near close friends and family. The keyword here, though, is celebrate. On the 23rd, the Sun shifts into Leo and your Money zone. The Big Cat can be flashy about cash, so plan accordingly.


The homebody Cancer Sun lights up your Unconscious zone until the 23rd. This is a deeply introspective transit, asking you to take your talents backstage for the first few weeks of the month: try to think of yourself more as an understudy than the main star. Indeed, everyone needs time away from the limelight (or you end up getting Hollyweird). Moreover, the Cancer Sun is highly emotional–especially when connected to the zone of the Unconscious. If you find yourself sitting at your desk, looking at photographs, and calling old friends to piece together nostalgic narratives from your past, that’s the transit at work. But the Unconscious zone ultimately functions to help us let go of things, like the overworn stories we tell ourselves and others. Such narratives have the effect of locking us into hackneyed plotlines. Maybe it’s time to write a new chapter about yourself? Do some soul searching the first few weeks of the month, so that you’re cat-quick on July 23rd, when the Sun transits your Selfhood zone to start your season.


For the first week of July, silver-tongued Mercury, your ruler, courses through Gemini, also Mercury-ruled. This is a great placement for a few reasons. Mercury loves being at “home” in the Twins, meaning it can express its communicative powers best there. Also, it will be lighting up your Career zone, where it is joined by lovely and benefic Venus. Mercury and Venus, especially together, are hustlers. They deal with trade, money, and business acumen. Use this first week of July to ask for a raise, to look out for financial opportunities, or to negotiate deals. On July 6th, Mercury meets up with the caring Cancer Sun in your Friendship zone until July 23rd. With nurturing Cancer in the picture, communications should be more about sharing feelings with friends. For the most part, this is a social month for you, with your Career and Friendship zones highlighted, but when the Sun dips into your introspective House of the Unconscious on the 23rd, prepare for asocial, solo energies to percolate.


You might think you don’t have much in common with the watery, sensitive Crab but you share the same modality (Cardinal) which means you both have initiatory power (albeit in slightly different styles). Cancer initiates decisions and actions from an emotional place, whereas you are more intellectually generative. With the Cancer Sun highlighting your Career zone, accordingly, take time to check in with your professional desires and see if they need tinkering. Venus (your ruler) joins the Cancer Sun in your Work zone on the 18th, suggesting a great time to apply for jobs if you are looking (Venus bestows golden auras on applicants). If you’re ok with your career, this Venus/Cancer placement augurs social cohesion and supreme intuitive understanding, especially around supervisors. In this regard, would it be too much of a stretch to predict that, over the next few weeks at work, you could resemble the paranormal character, Eleven, from “Stranger Things” (minds being read, staplers and desktop screens getting passed across the room by telekinesis)?


Your ruling planet, Mars, jets through Aries, a sign it also rules, for the first few days of the month. With the Red Planet supercharged here and highlighting your 6th House of Routine, mobilise the first week of July to get the little things done around the house, gym, or office. This is a moment to own your “To Do” list. On the 5th, Mars loses its dignity, when it enters steady Taurus, where it technically has its “fall.” Mars is a fiery, direct planet that doesn't feel comfortable surrounded by the Bull’s fixed earth influence. This stymied Mars-in-Taurus will specifically impact your Relationship zone: How to navigate a debilitated Planet War here? Mars-in-Taurus teaches patience–the Bull doesn’t like to rush. If you’ve been putting pressure on romance, for instance, take your foot off the gas and coast a bit. Or put energy (Mars) into a longer term goal or plan (Taurus). With the nurturing Cancer Sun in your Travel zone, this could be a perfect little transit to figure out a vacation to bond with your helpmate. Such an activity combines a number of cosmic indicators (Taurus, Mars, Cancer, Sun,Travel and Relationship zones).


Exuberant Jupiter lights up your Romance and Fun zone all month. Great. It then goes retrograde on July 28th. Not so great. The advice, obviously: Live it up the next four weeks, Archer. With Jupiter placed in rash Aries, moreover, you should have even more swagger in the romance department. The bottom line is that you got beaucoup fire in your chart at the moment. The Romance zone also has to do with creativity, so keep that in mind, if you’re wanting to work hard in the studio rather than gallivant out on the tiles. Whichever path you walk down during this month’s choose-your-own-adventure narrative, know that a red-hot Jupiter is wishing you luck in your endeavours. You also have the caring Cancer Sun lighting up your Intimacy zone until the 23rd. Cancer will make you extra sensitive to touch–but maybe also to words (in an overly emotional way). Key take-away: this is a month for fun vibes not funereal ones.


Relationships–business or personal–are the theme for you this month, as the nurturing Cancer Sun lights up your 7th House of Partnerships until the 23rd. Mercury (commerce) and Venus (money) are also dallying in this zone, so marshal Cancer’s energy to nurture business partnerships, if romance doesn’t seem that appealing. Indeed, with the more mercantile sides of Mercury and Venus transiting your Partnership sector, commercial interests are in the air for you. If, however, the prospect of getting deep with your helpmate quickens your pulse (which I hope it does), rest assured that Cancer, the sign of sweet embraces, will be softening your, at times, gruff, Saturn-ruled demeanour. Venus, too, tends to have a softening effect, so think about gifts laced with silk for your significant other. A Full Moon in your sign on the 14th betokens a perfect night out for dinner with a partner to close a deal–or to celebrate a milestone with a sacred beloved.


The Cancer Sun activates your 6th House of Health and Wellness until the 23rd. This is a transit to get up early for Yin Yoga sessions. You are a fixed sign which means you don't break plans easily. This aspect of your nature, combined with the Sun in your 6th House, suggests a time to find salubrious flexibility in the body by being slightly inflexible and disciplined with health-conscious decisions around it. When we also consider that your ruling planet, strict Saturn, remains camped out in your Ego zone, you have all the markings of a regimented month, softened by sweet Cancer. On the 23rd, Leo season starts which indicates a more outward time. The Sun will highlight your Relationship zone: body heat with partners, less Aquarius cool.


The caring Cancer Sun lights up your 5th House of Romance and Fun until the 23rd. Venus (love) and Mercury (communication) will be in and out of this zone, as well. All of this indicates you could be deep in your feelings over the next few weeks (Venus+Cancer+5th+Pisces nature). Communicating love or lust to someone you meet could be in the cards, but you need to be wise about this. Why? Expansive Jupiter, your ruler, will be moving through your Money zone, meaning you may want to overspend on someone with something special. Jupiter in the 2nd, however, can also suggest the need for inner wealth and security (instead of splurging on things and people). These are the deep paradoxes that arise with transits. Many planets are pointing toward fun, romance, and love. But others–like Jupiter–are counterbalancing these impulses. Be wise with words, heart, and money by working with both sets of transits.


With Jupiter and your ruling planet, Mars, in your Ego zone until the 5th, you could be feeling even more full of yourself than usual. This transit indicates self-promotion, furthering self-interest, and getting ahead with goals that don’t involve the encumbrances of romance and pesky other people. For better or worse, this all ends after the first week of July, when Mars rolls into slow and steady Taurus. This fixed-earth sign suggests that the Red Planet will need to get more practical and tactile. Taurus is eminently hands-on. Whereas Mars-in-Aries was about the self, this transit is more about fixing the kitchen shelf. Indeed, the cottage-loving Cancer Sun lights up your Home zone until the 23rd. Venus and Mercury will also be making appearances in this section of your chart. That means you have tons of energy having to do with the hearth. The presiding theme of Cancer season revolves around caring for persons, places, or things–in your case, it’s time to give love (Venus) and sustenance (Crab) to where you live (Home sector), rather than who you are (Ego zone).


You’ve had a lot of cosmic activity lately through your 1st House of Self. It was your season for much of May, then Mercury went retrograde in your sign for a bit. Venus, your ruler, also luxuriated there through June. Now, perhaps, it’s time to transcend the sweet comforts of auspicious transits through your Ego zone and get some stuff done. To be sure, Mars (drive) is in your sign all month. No more lollipops. Additionally, Venus lights up your Money sector until the 18th. Focus on sorting out finances with this helpful Venusian influence and resist the kinds of luxurious self-care usually associated with Planet Love. Instead care for the other. Indeed, it’s Cancer season, and, with the Sun highlighting your Communication zone until the 23rd, make this a transit about kind or soft words toward people who need them. The Communication sector also deals with siblings, so maybe drop a line to one, as an exercise in empathy. The Sun shifts into Leo and your Home zone on the 23rd, indicating a good date to entertain. Fiery Leo’s strutting and majestic energy will be crackling through your hearth.


Even though the Sun has absconded from your Selfhood zone, you still have a lot of energy coursing there. To wit: your ruling planet, Mercury, is now direct and dazzling in your 1st House of Self, while Venus also holds court until the 18th. Together Mercury (communication) and Venus (beauty), especially in the 1st, tend to create a sense of charm, grace, and brilliance about oneself. Your social nature should get even more attractive–indeed, the 1st House has to do with how you appear to others. Venus and Mercury also have a bit of a “hustler” energy, as Venus deals with money and Mercury with commerce. Accordingly, the next few weeks might be a great time to think about your brand or upping your social media presence. Communication and appearance will be strong. The caring Cancer Sun highlights your Money zone until the 23rd (a time to invest in things of sentimental value). When the Sun moves into theatrical Leo and your Communication sector, the Big Cat will bring some swagger to your words.

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