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The OC’s Adam Brody takes on the world of cryptocurrency in this hidden gem Netflix crime thriller

Netflix StartUp

In 2003, against the backdrop of a sandy Californian coastline, we were introduced to a young Adam Brody (aka Seth Cohen). Wooing us with his innocent and sweet nature; this version of Brody has remained ingrained in our memory despite the number of years that have since passed. So, you could imagine our surprise when we found out Brody's latest role. Starring in the Netflix hit series, StartUp, the actor portrays a firey tech businessman taking on the world of cryptocurrency; and honestly, we're not mad.

StartUp first aired on Netflix in 2016, so you might be wondering, like us, why are we only hearing about this series now? As is generally the case with the Australian version of the streaming platform; we tend to be late to the party. The series only just dropped on Australian Netflix and has already grabbed the attention of a captivated audience. Brody portrays Nick Talman, a tech businessman who attempts to save the fictional cryptocurrency company, GenCoin, by laundering money through his already corrupt father. Who does he enlist to execute his plan? A questionable police officer and a Miami gang, naturally.


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According to the official description; "When three unlikely business partners incubate their tech idea on the wrong side of the tracks, their fight to build a company is nothing compared to their fight to stay alive."

Joining Brody is an impressive cast that includes Edi Gathegi (House); Otmara Marrero (Clementine); Martin Freeman (The Hobbit); and Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy). StartUp already completed its third season in 2018, but there's been no confirmation on whether the series will get a fourth run on Netflix.

Prior to the season 3 release, creator, executive producer, writer and director Ben Ketai; shared in an interview that the StartUp story wasn't over yet. "... The series works because those headlines are juxtaposed with the personal stories of our characters and how the cost of ambition impacts their lives and the lives of those around them," he said.

"We will take that narrative even further in this next chapter and look forward to bringing the StartUp family back together again in the new year."

While we wait for more updates on a (hopefully) fourth season, we recommend clearing your schedule this weekend and catching up on the first three. We promise it won't disappoint.

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