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California here we come – The OC may be getting a reboot

The OC

Mushroom leek crescent? Crab and brie filo anyone?

It's the reboot we've (especially me) all been waiting for. The show that made soap operas cool again, the series that launched dozens of new artists in the pop-culture stratosphere, the characters that created fashion moments that will live in the millennial zeitgeist forever.

Yes, we may finally be getting a 2020s reimagining of The OC.


What we know about a potential reboot so far

So, the source of this information isn't exactly the most reliable as it's anonymous. It comes courtesy of a tip off sent to Deux Moi. But then again, many of the things posted to Deux Moi do turn out to be very true. And considering there have been a number of 2000s reboots coming to us lately - like Gossip Girl - it feels very unsurprising that The OC is next on the list.

The anonymous tipster shares that the four seasons of The OC were quietly moved off Hulu and onto HBO Max, since HBO allegedly have the intention of rebooting the series. But apparently, HBO would want some of the original cast to return rather than starting fresh with a new cast in a new era. So we may need some former cast members to commit to the series before it becomes a reality.


Why The OC?

The OC is undeniably one of the defining moments in modern pop culture. And in my opinion, The OC ran so shows teen dramas could walk. The tale of Ryan Atwood, an at risk teen living in a challenging home in Chino, Ryan is adopted by wealthy parents Kirsten and Sandy Cohen living in Orange County California. This one event catapults him into a world of multi-million dollar mansions, beach houses, Range Rovers and yogalates.

Why is it so good? Was it because of Marissa Cooper's endlessly amazing hair? Was it Summer's sometimes odd but always inspired fashion choices? Was it Seth's dorky sense of cynacism? Was it Sandy Cohen's eyebrows? Was it the mere presence of Julie Cooper, queen of all things? Whatever it was, The OC has a je ne sais quoi that's impossible to replicate.

It's endlessly rewatchable and as such, absolutely and totally worthy of a reboot.

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