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It’s time to get well acquainted with our ‘Freedom’ cover star, Eliot Sumner

An artist by birthright, musician Eliot Sumner finds liberty in anonymity. Our new 'Freedom' issue cover star is not one to revel in the limelight. Instead, they prefer to let their work speak for itself – and speak volumes it does.

Sumner's early relationship with the arts began to blossom at the ripe age of 14, as they first explored the worlds of punk, ska and electronic music. This initial dalliance led to the inception of their first band project, I Blame Coco. While this may have been Sumner's first public immersion into the world of music, their earliest memory of the art form lies in a deep connection to a very particular cassette tape.


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"The first cassette I ever owned was The Fat of the Land by The Prodigy. I still play it now on a regular basis."

A fitting place to begin when your father happens to be Gordon Sumner, aka, Sting.

When 2012 rolled around, Sumner was ready to switch gears, retiring I Blame Coco to develop a new alias, Vaal. Spending the better part of five years steadily cultivating and refining their sound, Sumner relished in fostering this on-going love affair with electronic music away from the public gaze. Following several years of successful touring – and with a hefty backlog of material banking up on their hard drive – Sumner decided that 2018 was the year to begin working on Vaal's debut album; Nosferatu.

"The quality I admire most in others is… Authenticity and a cruel sense of humour."


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Vintage breaks, trip-hop, 90s techno and electronic film scores saturate Nosferatu, delivering spine-tingling, eclectic melodies laced in depth and raw emotion.

"Freedom feels like… Naked swimming."

A magnetic dynamism that only a Leo sun, Scorpio moon could possess, there’s no slowing Sumner as they teeter on the precipice of stardom.

The 'Freedom' issue is available on newsstands February 25 and through our shop now. Find a stockist near you.

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MODEL Eliot Sumner @ Tavistock Wood wears CELINE jacket, shirt, top, pants and sunglasses; talent's own shoes; stylist's own socks
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FASHION Anna Foster
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MAKEUP Valeria Ferreira @ The Wall Group using Dior Beauty
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