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Everyone is after John David Washington in Netflix’s ‘Beckett’ and well, join the queue

From the outset, Netflix's new thriller Beckett is a compelling watch. After all, who doesn't enjoy a John David Washington performance? Our love for him has only intensified in the days since BlacKkKlansman and Malcolm & Marie premiered. So when you throw into the mix Alicia Vikander, a score by Dev Hynes and Call Me By Your Name director, Luca Guadagnino as producer, well, we truly can't look away.

Helming the film is Italian director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino. His vision results in grainy shots, angled just above the ground that promote an unshakeable tension that only builds as Beckett unravels. As viewers you get the sense that you've walked into a room where you're not welcome. 

Scenes of overcast weather, sprawling cities and graffiti laden streets offer a refreshing departure from the one dimensional narrative of Greece as a paradise. Not that we doubt that it is, Greece is high up on our list of holiday destinations. But this perspective allows space for a nuanced portrayal of Greece that is considerate of the countries current economic and political landscape.

Washington's character, Beckett, for who the film is titled after, is on vacation with his girlfriend April, played by Alicia Vikander. The couple is caught in a fatal car accident, where Beckett wakes up in hospital confused and alone. Not long after, he is questioned by police who begin to act strangely toward him. Thankfully Beckett can take a hint and flees. Still, as the film unfolds we can't help but shudder as Beckett tries to evade dodgy police and unknown assassins while he makes his way to safety via the US Embassy in Athens.

If you don't scare easily, or you're willing to suffer through all the tension to fill up on another John David Washington performance, head over to Netflix where Beckett is streaming as we speak. That sounds like too much of a commitment? Watch the trailer below to decide if the film is up your alley.

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