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Models off-duty: all day underwear

In a time where many of us are confined to our homes or forced into solitude, most are still trying to fill every hour of everyday with something 'productive’. Whether it be home workouts, cooking or baking, it’s also wise to note that you can just do whatever makes you feel happy or calm. If you want to sit and binge Netflix in your trackies all day, then so be it. Or if you’d rather just stay in bed in your underwear and do nothing, then that’s also a perfectly viable option too.

Here, we’ve rounded out some of our model muses who’ve shown that underwear is really the best option for the days you just want to be. From Kendall, to Joanna and Jilla. Make note that there are no rules here, be sure to lounge and lay as you wish.

If in need of some comfy inspirations, try on our picks from Calvin Klein, NICO, Baserange and Lonely Label.

Remember, confinement is not a competition, and it can be an anxiety inducing time for some as the unknown is scary. Be sure to keep your immune system in check and stay informed with your health department’s latest recommendations and help out those in need wherever possible.