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The cheap recipes to spend your week nights cooking

Necessity breeds innovation and when we are stuck inside why not spend our time cooking? Feeding a family or cooking for yourself doesn’t have to mean expensive cuts of meat, cheese you can’t afford or an endless list of hard to find ingredients. Whilst baking is a science, most recipes are a suggestion. Don’t have an ingredient? Leave it out. Don’t like an ingredient? Swap for another. Do you prefer plant-based meals? Adapt as you like. Use what you have and nothing more. Here are our favourite recipes that keep cost in mind to spend your weekend making.

When it comes to cheap and easy recipes there is nothing more universal, healthy and full of taste than Socca bread. The crux of the recipe is chickpea flour and water and from there you can customise however you please. Rosemary and parmesan for an italian banquet. Caraway and cumin seeds for bread to add to a cheese board. Cracked black pepper as an accompaniment to soup. A healthy base for at-home pizza. Whatever you have in the cupboard is best.

A can of beans and a head of broccoli to fill the family. By way of our resident nutrition expert, Jacqualine Alwill. Nutritional above all and in these times we’ll take everything we can get. Eat simply accompanied by a salad, or add to a wrap and top with garlic dip.

Pantry staples. Pasta, kale, garlic, parmesan - that’s it. On a Friday night at home do you ever want anything besides pasta? Don’t be fooled by the short list of ingredients. The taste is all there.

There isn’t much that is easier than soup. Throw it all in and let it simmer. Greens at the bottom of your fridge? Gather them together, add copious amounts of garlic and stock and enjoy your evening.