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Healthy at home: the gyms bringing their workouts to your living room

We’ve all had to adjust amidst the changes COVID-19 has thrown at us. We’re inside and cooking more. We’re online more than ever. We are now working from home. We’re also working out from home. Whether you’ve been a long time lover of your lounge room floor for building muscle tone or perhaps you’ve recently taken inspiration from our model muses keeping moving whilst stuck inside our four walls is vital.

This isn’t about losing weight, or coming out of isolation with rock hard abs. This isn’t another way in which you need to ‘make the most’ of our global situation. It’s about sanity, flow and health. Moving our bodies because we can, and because while it is good for our bodies, it’s also good for our souls.

For $8 per class Body Love Pilates

Are letting you access that ‘mindful burn’ from the comfort of home.

With guest instructors Fluid Form Pilates are offering classes via Instagram and Facebook live.

No subscription needed here. Access Peaches Pilates classes at a 20% discount using code STAYHOMEPEACH and the team will send equipment (ball, discs and a resistance band) to you for free.

If you have a bike at home than Shelter is what you need. They also offer boxing, meditation and yoga for those that don’t.

One Hot Yoga are Livestreaming classes via their website, app or Mindbody. Free for the remainder of the week.

IGTV workouts from your home or backyard with Barry’s Bootcamp.

Good Times Pilates are offering live online mat classes, three times daily.

Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw of Keep It Cleaner offer workouts, recipes and meditations for home.

Audio guided classes with Annie Belcher.

For $10 per week you can access all of Sydney Yoga Collective online classes.

She’s long offered online classes at Ballet Beautiful. But what better time to start than now?

Amy Carmody Yoga offers daily yoga classes that are professionally pre-recorded so you can practice at any time of day. Videos are 10 - 60+ minutes and everyone gets a 5-day free trial.

One month free trial and $12 per month after that with Yoga Holics.