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Keep moving: Georgia Fowler’s full-body home workout

Georgia Fowler workout

Whether you're practicing social distancing or being kept inside due to a compulsory 14-day quarantine, keeping up our fitness routine is harder. In the time of the Coronavirus, many countries and regions have shutdown all non-essential services - and that means gyms. And for those living in a densely populated area, even heading out for a walk around the block may not be advisable.

Thankfully there are many workout routines you can do from home - the RUSSH team has already shared some of our favourites. But this next one comes courtesy of model muse Georgia Fowler. She's shared some workout inspiration via her Instagram account today, and it's well-worth it.

The full-body routine is perfect to keep you moving, even if you live in a small space. Packed with core work, stretches and ending with a svanasana, this is the ideal activity to lift you out of your afternoon slump.

Take a look at Georgia's video and written steps below.



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Here’s a full body at home work out for ya all to keep moving from your lawn or living room! Sending my love and strength.  Do 10 of each exercise and repeat on the other side:

-Hip circles, & reverse direction
-Isolated hip circles & reverse direction
-Kick ups -Crunch to kick back
Repeat on other leg

-Hip thrust
-Single leg swings with hips raised
-Single leg pulses with hips raised
-Single leg circles with hips raised & reverse direction
Repeat on other leg

-Single leg side raise
-Side clam
-Bottom foot raised clam
-Heel Toe clam
-Clam to kick back
Repeat on other leg

-Side plank to twist & repeat on other side
-Plank walk ups
-Plank shoulder taps
-Tricep pushup to upward dog to downward dog
-Roll ups (articulating your spine)
-Classic slow sit up
-Slow Bicycles
-Leg lower to needle
-Toe touches with legs to sky
-Scissor legs
-Tricep slide backs in plank position



In all seriousness, COVID-19 is significant and self-isolation is key. Stay informed with your health department’s latest recommendations and help out those in need wherever possible.