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Up close with our favourite model faces

“I’m first and foremost a sweetheart and then a model.”
They’re the model faces we know; here to tell us who they really are. Their hangover cures, greatest fears and the last time they cried. From model, artist and musician Rachel Rutt, to Calvin Klein favourite Raenee Sydney and new woman on our radar Cameron Stephens, who filled us in on her current project: “myself.” For the first of our RUSSH Video Portrait series we’re going deeper with the model faces we love. Stay tuned for the in-depth interviews, talking everything from body image to misconceptions about the modelling industry. This is so much more than just a go-see.

Maya Yemana @ Priscillas

Flavia @ Kult

Grace @ IMG

Wisdom Agbeze @ Chic Management

Sanne @ Kult

Cameron Stephens @ IMG

Jenaya @ Viviens

Rainy @ Kult

Mateen Ismail @ Chic Management

Valentina Ruby @ Chic Management

Nikki Crerar @ Priscillas

Rachel Rutt @ Kult

Fabienne @ Priscillas

VIDEOGRAPHY Lilli Boisselet

Captured on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.
Filmed at MACVAD Studio.