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Take me home: A$AP Rocky stars in Calvin Klein’s nostalgic new campaign

It’s the coming of age story you wish was your own. Suburban dreams with a sprinkling of the world’s biggest stars, all living life in their Calvin’s. This is the fantasy that Calvin Klein creates with its latest campaign, Our Now. Featuring both its underwear and denim collections, the clip stars icons such as A$AP Rocky, Anna Ewers, Kendall Jenner and Shawn Mendes, alongside new faces Noah Centineo, Jiali Zhao, Lulu Tenney, Ernesto Cervantes, Fernando Albaladejo and Timo Baumann.

The 90s high school throwback feel is heightened thanks to a soundtrack from New Order; their classic True Faith adding a retro feel and a lo-fi timbre that oozes nostalgia and takes us back to the days of listening to the car radio while dreaming of another life.

Subtly choreographed, there are understated hints of dance and movement expertly intertwined by the film’s cinematographer, Glen Luchford, with moments of passion underscored by moments of stillness – suburban life in a liminal space has never been so enthralling and relatable. Melanie Ward’s styling enable the CK pieces to feature as their own character within the clip, while the action on screen has us intermittently forgetting we are watching an ad at all.

The film’s fleeting musical cameos feel intimate, with A$AP Rocky and Shawn Mendes’ voices juxtaposed against one another’s to manipulate their individual styles into one curated for the Calvin Klein brand. The clip perpetuates Calvin Klein’s attachment to the softer, quieter moments in life; continuously stripping back their models and featured celebrities to focus on the one thing we all have in common – being human, first and foremost.