The works of Rachel Rutt

Rachel Rutt is working with her hands and surrendering to the “compulsion of the Idea”.

Also a model, musician and maker of knitwear and embroidery, Rutt has found a channel for her creativity in the tactile art of weaving - and home for her works in her recently-launched website, Created over the past four years as part of her practice with the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild, her pieces balance strength with fragility, nature’s omnipresence and a human touch. For Rutt, the process behind such creations comes down to “letting yourself be audacious with your ideas, seeing if they can physically work and accepting that the final outcome is unknown, yet tangible. That you are capable of using your intuition to create it, and if you don’t know how to yet, you will learn.”

"I like it when art triggers a new thought pattern, something that just pops into the viewer’s head and bubbles."

"I use simple materials. Silk seems delicate, but once spun, incredibly strong. The grass is course and dry. Together, they become a new kind of structure."

Photographs taken by Natalia Parsonson at the studio of Jedda-Daisy Culley.