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Storm Reid has landed her next role, and it’s in the thrilling drama, ‘Missing’

There's a lot going on in the cinematic universe right now that feels like the recently announced technological thriller, Missing. Dark by way of technology, highly gripping, and sometimes a tad ambitious. Of course, there are films and TV shows of the genre that just work. I'm thinking of Black Mirror, Years and Years, and Searching.

Missing is the sequel to the film Searching, which was directed by Aneesh Chaganty and won Sundance back in 2018. At the time Searching, was picked up by Sony Pictures. It was deemed one of the best entirely told through screen films ever. Will Missing meet the hype?

What is the plot of Missing?

When her mum disappears while on vacation in Colombia with her new boyfriend, June's (Storm Reid) search for answers is hindered by international red tape. Still stuck thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, June creatively uses all the latest technology at her fingertips to try and find her before it's too late. But as she digs deeper, her digital sleuthing raises more questions than answers. The story promises twists and turns and shocking discoveries about those the hero thought she knew best.

Who's part of the production?

The sequel picks up where the Searching left off, with Sev Ohanian and Aneesh Chaganty writing the story and producing. The directors of the film are Nicholas d. Johnson and Will Merrick are both making their feature directorial debut.

There is, however, a new cast to take the stage. First up, we've got Storm Reid playing June, who you will no doubt recognise from her breakout role as Gia Bennett (Rue's younger sister) in both seasons of Euphoria.

Her mother will be played by Nia long (Big Momma's House, Boiler Room, NCIS). The film also includes  Joaquim de Almeida (Fast Five, Behind Enemy Lines), Ken Leung who appeared in our favourite financial drama Industry as well as Old and The Sopranos, Amy Landecker (Dan in Real Life, Transparent) and Daniel Henney.

Is there a release date?

Missing will be released on January 20th 2023.

Watch the trailer for Missing here

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