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All sun energy, get to know our ‘Euphoric’ cover star, Ajak Deng

ajak deng cover star

Stepping into Ajak Deng’s orbit, it’s all sun energy. An unbounding warmth that blinds you like the brightness that seeps through the curtains on a Sunday morning, our Euphoric cover star is the source of dopamine we yearn for. She is the sweet spot of the festive season – where the days are long and all concept of time dissolves into the folds of sweat, sex and a shared feeling of invincibility.

I look after myself by ... Exercising, meditating, eating well, lots of sleep, drinking lots of water and having a lot of personal days.

It's not hard to see why we were so drawn to Deng from the very start. She's emblematic – a vivacious spirit that can't be matched. On set, for our Euphoric cover story, she had us going all the way; happy dancing to The Bangles' Walk Like An Egyptian the way you can only do in your parent's living room on a Saturday night. Blinds drawn, CD player up all the way – the broom from the laundry becoming a makeshift microphone.


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When my imagination runs free it ... Feels like an out-of-control fire. If I wasn’t modelling, I would be ... Studying law or criminal justice.

Deng is no stranger to the runway either, making her mark for the likes of Off-White, Richard Quinn, Laquan Smith and more. In her downtime, her passion lies in the world of beauty – not only as a consumer, but a creator too, with a much-anticipated skincare brand on the way. Watch this space is our advice!


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The last time I REALLY laughed was ... Watching my nephew trying to swim in the winter [laughs]. It wasn’t
as warm as he thought.

A moment that defined me was ... I don’t think there is any moment that has ever defined me. I am still growing and learning every day.

She is the blushing red stain of dripping watermelon on a white tank. Burning asphalt that makes the balls of your feet go numb. A laugh-until-you-cry kind of girl. Deng possesses an unbridled elation that fills us whole. Let her be your summer muse.


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FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODEL Ajak Deng @ Chic Management wears OFF WHITE top from MARAIS;
GUCCI pants and belt; CARTIER earrings, necklace and ring; model’s own body jewellery.
HAIR Pete Lenon @ AP–REPS
HAIR COLOURIST Kathy Gilbert @ Crown Hair
MAKEUP Claire Thomson
SET DESIGN Claudia Bagnall
STYLIST’S ASSISTANT Chelsea Oh and Sophia Stamellos

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