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Looking back at Mick Jagger’s inimitable style

Mick Jagger's style

If you've been with us for a while, you'll know that pressing rewind and reflecting back on our favourite style icon's most memorable looks of yester-year is a favourite past time. Which is why it is with absolute urgency, that we must talk about patron saint of Rock 'n' Roll, and The Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger's inimitable style. It is, of course, no secret that no one did it like Jagger.

A beacon of 70s Rock 'n' Roll with the stage outfits to solidify his legend status, we've all referenced Jagger at least once. I do, frequently; Harry Styles does, constantly; many people attending 70s themed parties do, regularly. His style, along with his band mates' (we will get to Keith), making almost as much impact as the music itself. Below, we round up some of Mick Jagger's most iconic outfits throughout the ages.


Mick and Bianca on their wedding day, 1971.


In an embellished, unzipped jumpsuit on stage in the 70s.


With Jerry Hall, 1981.


Jagger and his then girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton arrive at John F. Kennedy Airport in 1966.


On stage at London's Marquee Club, 1971.


Madison Square Garden, 1975.


At the Roadhouse, 1971.


On stage in 1975.


On stage in a newsboy cap!


At a wedding with Marianne Faithfull.


With Marianne Faithfull again.


Performing at JFK Stadium, 1981.


With Keith Richards, Rolling Stones European Tour, Wembley 1973.


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