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Holding onto some emotional baggage? Marie Kondo is back to help de-clutter our lives with her new series, ‘Sparking Joy’

Marie Kondo Sparking Joy

It seems like a lot has happened since the bubbly and hyper-organised Marie Kondo burst onto our screens in 2019. Her simple question; "does it spark joy?" changed the way many of us reflect on our own consumeristic behaviours and our inability to let go. As someone who has a regularly over-flowing closet, this change was not without struggle. But, after overcoming my attachment issues with some fairly out-grown items, I'm now ready for Kondo to set me a new challenge. As if reading my mind, Netflix has just announced its second instalment in the Marie Kondo series, titled, Sparking Joy.

Netflix confirmed that the global home organisation icon would be returning to our screens to share her signature KonMari method; delving further into the practice's defining principle. Only hold onto things that spark joy. According to a press release from the streaming-platform heavyweight, the series will explore Kondo's master organisational skills outside of the home; offering a first-hand look into "how the fundamentals of her method can affect our businesses, relationships and communities."

As avid fans of Kondo would already know, "the impacts of tidying are surprising, emotional and transformative in the lives of the people Marie meets," the press release continues; which is an already strong indication that we're about to watch some seriously life-changing moments play out on our screens.

Unfortunately, details on Sparking Joy are still fairly scarce, including the episode count and what locations Marie Kondo will be visiting. Thankfully, the new series will be heading to our screens in the next few months, so we'll be able to satisfy our cravings for organisation soon enough.

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