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Watch the first official trailer for the upcoming documentary, ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’

Brittany Murphy documentary

In 2009, Hollywood and the rest of the world entered a collective state of shock when news of Brittany Murphy's unexpected passing took over the news cycle. The iconic 90s actor was a star in some of our favourite adolescent films; think Clueless, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Girl, Interrupted, Uptown Girls. In the wake of her death, much of the incredible work she created took a backseat. Now, over a decade later; HBO Max is finally bringing us a documentary on the legacy that Brittany Murphy left behind.

The two-part documentary is a collaboration between the streaming platform and Blumhouse Television; who are focused on telling the actor's story in separation of the tabloid and media chaos that often surrounds it. The Brittany Murphy documentary is also promising to share new and unheard interviews with those who were closest with the late star; as well as never-before-seen archival footage.

“Brittany Murphy was a rising star whose filmography includes movies that defined a generation,” said Mary Lisio, executive vice president of Alternative and Non-Scripted Programming at Blumhouse Television. “We thought her story warrants a deeper exploration, and examination into the environment that allowed her to become a victim of success.”

The highly-anticipated documentary will be equal parts a celebration of her immense and often forgotten talent; as well as offering a fresh, but sensitive insight into the mysterious circumstances around her and her husband's death.

“Our Brittany Murphy documentary cuts through the tabloid noise with an elevated, nuanced depiction of a sensational story,” added Jennifer O’Connell, executive vice president, non-fiction and live-action family programming, HBO Max.

“Crafting a grounded account of Brittany Murphy’s life struggles and sudden passing comes with great responsibility and we’ve partnered with a masterful creative team to produce a thoughtful examination of a tragedy that has long been cause for speculation.”

Interestingly, what we now also know is that the documentary will place a significant emphasis on her late husband, Simon Monjack, and the concerns surrounding the suspected involvement in her death. Some of the interviews will include discussions with Monjack’s mother, Linda, brother, James, as well as his former fiancée Elizabeth Ragsdale. Makeup artist Trista Jordan, who worked with Murphy on one of her final films will also offer insight.

“Her eyes were so sunken, and she just seemed so sad,” Jordan shared in a recent interview about the documentary. “She wasn’t herself. She was in so much pain. She had Bambi legs and couldn’t stand up.”

What Happened, Brittany Murphy will hit HBO Max from October 14, which means for us Australian viewers, the documentary will find its way onto Binge soon after. You can watch the first official trailer for documentary, below.

Watch the trailer for What Happened, Brittany Murphy? below.


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