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Lil Nas X is back from maternity leave with the promise of new music

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If you've found the internet to be a calmer place of late, all I can say is live it up while you can. After three months without so much as a Tweet from Lil Nas X, the rapper has jumped back online to inform us that he's bounced back, baby. Maternity leave was great, thank you very much. Lil Nas X is ready to unleash a little chaos and quite possibly new music. But as we've learned, to the 22-year-old those two are often the same thing.

On March 17, Lil Nas X tweeted images of two tracks he's been working on, teasing us all with the question "which one y’all want first?" The first track is titled late to the party and features rapper Youngboy while Saucy Santana makes an appearance on the second option called down souf hoes. 

As if this wasn't enough, over TikTok Lil Nas X also dropped a few verses from what we can only assume to be an upcoming single called Lean On My Body. As a new mother to six month old Montero, Lil Nas X is certainly wasting no time in delivering the people another album. To quote myself from September 2021, "The devil works hard but Lil Nas X works harder". And let me tell you, we cannot wait.

Just like everyone else, we've missed the raging storm of chaos that surrounded the musician last year. Who could forget it? All the riling up conservatives with those 'Satan' shoes, delivering us hot and heavy performances namely that one at the VMA's, launching covetable collabs with Jean Paul Gaultier and most importantly, delivering us queer coded and politically conscious bangers.

Welcome back Lil Nas X, the internet has missed you.

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Images: @lilnasx