Your Libra horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

libra horoscope 2022

Libra, this year the planets are conspiring to align you with a wider spectrum and embodiment of, well, you.

The Scorpio eclipses of May and October look at how you anchor into your worth and self-respect and how you project that value out into your world. It’s a time of radical honesty with yourself. Because your sign has the capacity to assess and even understand the wants and needs of others, it can self-censor to accommodate the other. This energy is seeking to dive into your shadowlands around your worth. Part of your sign’s growth comes through your experiences with others, as if that mirror reflection through another’s eyes illuminates your sense of self. These eclipses ask, how much of your worth is dependent on other people’s reception of you? How do you hold your energy and equilibrium amongst others?

It’s time to trust that by you being and expressing your authentic self, you will attract the people who resonate with you, versus you always reading and adapting your energy to others.

The eclipses in Taurus in April and November work to evaluate and strengthen what it is that you want and need in relationships. Really, it’s a levelling up of this part of your life. Taurus here can hold onto what it knows, even if it also knows that that relationship has reached its use-by date, it feels comforted by the familiar. It’s about knowing your value and being willing to communicate your worth and value to your closest people, rather than settling or playing small.

This all works in perfect tandem with Jupiter’s move into Aries from May – October, joining Chiron in your 7th house. Who you are amongst others is worth analysing. We are made up of different aspects, it’s not as if you must bring your private inner world out into your social life. It’s more looking at whether you are able to tap into your wants and needs amongst others or do your spidey senses get so busy reading the other that you tap out of yourself? Chiron is working to ensure that your beautiful and harmonious social nature also remains in line with your own self. It’s working towards you feeling safe to be true to you, amongst others. Jupiter here offers new and expansive learning around this. The meaning you apply to your friendships can be viewed from a higher terrain now and you may well bring in new examples of people who operate in a way that really liberates you in this area.

Saturn continues its movement through your house of self-expression and individuation and again, it’s a similar theme. The celestial bodies have your back, they are working to ensure that you are your own internal authority figure, that you can really parent and support your continuing process of becoming who you are and feel safe to express your individuality out in the world.


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