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Attention gays, Kristen Stewart is officially recruiting for her queer ghost-hunting reality TV show

kristen stewart ghost hunting series

Do you laugh in the face of the supernatural? Is the paranormal your speciality? Are you the person your friends turn to for their ghostly encounters? Most importantly, are you queer? Kristen Stewart wants you to join her LGBTIQA+ ghost-hunting reality TV show and applications are now open.


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On Instagram, stylist CJ Romero posted an official casting call that featured a video of Kristen Stewart telling the world that she is "scarily excited" to be working on this new project with Scout Productions – the production company behind Queer Eye. The show creators are searching for "the most incredible LGBTQ+ ghost hunters, paranormal specialists, mediums, psychics, investigators". Does this sound like you?

So what are potential castees in for you ask? Just the "most gayest, most funnest, most titillating queer ghost hunting show ever" according to Kristen Stewart. In past interviews about the series, Stewart has also said that the show would be aesthetically pleasing. "Gay people love pretty things," she explained, "so we are aiming for a richness".

If it sounds chaotic it's because it is. And to apply, you'll need to answer questions like "What is the scariest place you have ever investigated?" and "What makes you unique or different from other paranormal experts?" A piece of cake to those who have wrestled with apparitions and ghosts, we're sure.

While little else is known about series, Stewart did mention in her frazzled Instagram video that the show will premiere on a "major streamer". So there's that too.

For all the queer babies looking to flex their ghost-hunting chops, you can apply to the reality series at the Casting Crane website. Godspeed.

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